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10 Ways To Manage Your Budget Properly and Save Money

Whether you are a college student, business professional, or a stay at home parent, saving money is important. We all want to make the most of our dollars. How do you manage money properly with a budget and begin growing your savings? Here we are providing 10 ways that you can organize your budget and Manage Your Budget Properly in order to have money for the things that matter most in your life.

10 Ways To Manage Your Budget Properly and Save Money:

1. Throw away your television set

This may sound heartbreaking but if you ever wish to save effectively, you must cut down your television intake or simply throw out the device completely. The thing is, when you watch hours of television, you eliminate your impulse to buy meaningless material possessions, decrease your electricity bill, and have the ability to focus on your family. Without the exposure of annoying television commercials and shows that do not benefit your life, you have the time to spend on creative projects and even building a business of your own.

2. Stop shopping

Take a look at your wardrobe. There is a big chance that you may need few items here and there. However, you do not need to update your wardrobe every month. Avoid shopping sprees that leave you even more broke than what your budget dictates. Stop collecting more stuff and consider how you can sell them. There are numerous online websites that offer help in this area like Ebay, Amazon, Poshmark, and so much more. Do your research and find out which website best fits you. Dust off your old items and post them for another person to enjoy. This will help you in the long run as you stack up loads of money and simplify your lifestyle.

3. Make your own gifts

As we all know, the holiday season is coming up so you know what that means: spending loads of money on friends and family that expect you to lavish gifts on them just because. It is perfectly fine to spoil our loved ones, however, we must do it wisely. If you are trying to save money and Manage Your Budget, consider using your creativity to make handmade items. Find out what they love and try your hand at making it. Search the Internet for fun DIY projects on how to make great baked bread, body scrubs, or their favorite dishes. Make sweet treats for young children instead of spending all of your money on expensive toys. Your friends and family will appreciate you and cherish your gift because it involved a deeper meaning to you. You put your hard work, focus, and effort into making them happy. This should put holiday cheer in their hearts and save you money in the meantime!

4. Make a shopping list

If you must head to the stores, take the time out to write a shopping list. You must be intentional about what you are going to purchase and how much money you are willing to spend on these items. Search for coupons to help decrease the price.

5. Set a savings goal

In order to save money effectively, you should consider setting a budget. How much do you wish to save every month? If you need a little push towards the right direction, set realistic expectations along with a timeline in order to make the process easier. What are your savings goals? Do you wish to buy a house? Target exactly how much you wish to put away and work on achieving that goal and just Manage Your Budget.

Manage Your Budget

6. Pay yourself first

Too often most of us find ourselves living from paycheck to paycheck. We throw money at our rent, our utility bills, and our phone bills. Yet we neglect ourselves, leaving pennies left after paying our bills. This should not be. After receiving your paycheck, be intentional about paying yourself first. This could be anything from as little as $20 to $200 every month. If you do not pay yourself first, you will always find yourself lagging behind somehow. Just remember to be disciplined in this area. Your bills should never go without being paid. Handle your main priorities at the right time and remember to factor your necessities in as well.

7. Pack your own lunch

How many times do you eat out? It can be so tempting to hang out at the local restaurant after a long day at work. Your entire office may entice you to order lunch from the best Chinese restaurant in town. As mentioned previously in this article, it is important that you remain disciplined. You do not need to spend money on food every day. Lessons You Can Learn From Children

8. Save on utilities

Check your thermostat. You can save hundreds of dollars every month by lowering the thermometer by 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Consider installing an on-demand or tankless water heater. This will help you save up to 30% of your income!

9. Try the 30-day rule

If you are a compulsive spender, you will find great benefit in this tip. Run from any temptation of instant gratification. For example, you may find a pair of shoes you adore. You may feel like you simply cannot live without them. Try waiting 30 days before making the purchase. Ask yourself if you still feel the overwhelming urge to buy this item. If this purchase is within your budget, go forth. If not, put the purchase off until a later time. Read More:  Dalai Lama’s 15 Rules for Living

10. Pack planned meals

Instead, consider cooking food at home. Plan your meals for the week and pack them for work. Be intentional to set portions. If you love to snack, pack your favorite treats from home. This way when you have those random cravings, you do not have to visit the company vending machine every hour. This is the most beneficial tip that will save you hundreds of dollars every week. Your bank account will love you for this!


Did you know that according to a recent study, most Americans do not have anywhere close to $1000 in their bank account? We as a nation are living small lives due to our lack of financial priority setting. Debunk the status quo in your life by implementing these proven money rules. You will save loads of money to enjoy the life you deserve while being a blessing to others. Besides, what do you have to lose?

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