10 Ways To Protect Your Energy

10 Ways To Protect Your Energy

It’s up to us to try to figure out what’s draining our energy.Find some quiet space and time without the demands of daily life to just observe what is going on around you. Set aside a few minutes each day where it is just you, no coffee, no magazines, no phone, no book, no distractions. Give yourself time to hear your thoughts. You may even want to create a daily meditation practice. Meditation is so beneficial in helping us maintain balance.

Walk, run, jog, swim! It doesn’t matter what it is. Do it every day – fill your lungs with air, it’s a free, natural anti-depressant that’s abundantly available and will add joy and years to your life.

Lists help keep you focused on your goals and keep you from straying too far. Break your day down into bite-sized chunks and organize them a little bit better. For example, those bites you hate to take, the bitter, boring jobs – tackle them first. Do the jobs you like least early in the day when your energy and motivation is highest; that leaves the rest of the day for the stuff you enjoy, which feeds your energy levels when they tend to dip. 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE

As strange as it may seem, doing nothing will wear you out. Empty space and empty time are draining on the body and soul. Fill your time with something you like to do. It’s rewarding, and at bedtime you’ll feel fulfilled and looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.

Negative energy is draining and sadly, it’s all around us: negative people, places, and environments.

Find positive people and positive places to be. Positive people provide positive energy, and they will get the same from you, a classic win-win scenario. That hobby you started, is there a club or are there others who share your interests? Find them!

We often agree on things we don’t want to do because it has become a pattern in our lives. Saying no is not hard to do, and it’s even easier if you practice. It’s not unusual to feel awkward and pretty awful right before you say “no.” But those feelings won’t last long because after, it’s not that a load will suddenly lift from your shoulders, it’s that a load won’t land on them; and that feels good. Think of it as ‘positive negativity.’

A clean and tidy space is a peaceful space, where you will better find the time for real relaxation. It has one or two other, less obvious benefits too. When we declutter, we often come across photographs and objects from happy times we had or spent with others – they always bring a smile to the face. That list you made earlier? Incorporate a decluttering schedule into it.

And not just any bath. Add some Epsom salts and essential oils. Not only will it help remove toxins from your body, but the process will help remove toxic energy and thoughts as well. Top 100 Lao Tzu Inspirational Quotes

How we nourish our bodies has a direct impact on our energy. Adding whole foods and water while eliminating processed and sugary foods will help promote positive energy. It will affect our mood, how we move and how we feel.

Here’s a simple test, does your ‘crash’ come after lunch? It does for many people. As an experiment, change the type of food you eat for lunch. For example, if lunch is traditionally a sandwich, change to a salad. Experiment with your food choices and see how your body reacts.

You can’t maintain constant energy without some form of routine and your bedtime is a part of this. Create a night-time routine that includes a full night of sleep and stick with it. Make sure and go to bed early enough so you can get up without having to set an alarm. Waking up naturally is a great way to protect your natural energy.

Like everything in life—it’s baby steps. Try one, just one at a time. Make one tiny change in your life starting today. These things are quickly habit forming and they simply feel good.

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