15 Motivating Damon Dash Quotes

Damon Dash was Born on 3 May 1971. Damon Anthony Dash is a famous American actor, entrepreneur, and music producer. He is also co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records. In his interviews, he has said many inspiring and motivating quotes which will boost your motivation too. Here we have a collection of 15 Motivating Damon Dash Quotes that will inspire and motivate you to wake up and chase your dreams.

15 Motivating Damon Dash Quotes:

“If you gonna work hard, you should work hard for something you want.” —Damon Dash

“Do new things.”—Damon Dash

“It’s important for people to believe in themselves.”—Damon Dash

“Don’t compare yourself with others.”—Damon Dash

“Be a Boss.”—Damon Dash

Damon Dash Quotes

“There is no amount of money in this world someone could pay me for me to call them my boss. That’s like calling somebody daddy.”—Damon Dash

“Be fearless.”—Damon Dash

“Can another man tell you you’re fired? No one can tell me that. That’s priceless to me.”—Damon Dash

“Have a plan.”—Damon Dash

“9 to 5’s aren’t good because you are hustling for the weekend. But when you do something for your family it never feels like work. I hustle for my last name, I don’t hustle for my first.”—Damon Dash

“You’re only the boss if you put up your own money.”—Damon Dash

“Serve others.”—Damon Dash

Damon Dash Quotes

“Jobs are for lazy people who don’t want to invest in themselves.”—Damon Dash

“Saving money is for suckas.”—Damon Dash

“You’re only the boss if you put up your own money. If you don’t put up your own money…I don’t care how much they offer you, you’re nothing but a supervisor. It’s not yours.”—Damon Dash

“Be consistent.”—Damon Dash

“I’m mad at y’all for having the same job for 25 years…I can’t imagine doing the same shit every day having to be told what to do every day…and ask to go on vacation.”—Damon Dash

“Make things happen.”—Damon Dash

“How could a man say he has a boss and be proud?”—Damon Dash

“Finish the fight.”—Damon Dash

“I’m not going to fight for something I don’t own.”—Damon Dash

Do what you LOVE.”—Damon Dash

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