25 Motivational Chris Gardner Quotes

Christopher Paul Gardner born on  9 February 1954. Chris Gardner is an American Successful businessman, investor, stockbroker, Top Motivational Speaker and author. He inspired millions of people with his amazing speeches and his life story. Here are Motivational Chris Gardner Quotes, these quotes will boost your motivation in 2018. Read these Chris Gardner Quotes & Don’t forget to share these Chris Gardner Quotes on! Give the Gift of Amazon Prime

25 Motivational Chris Gardner Quotes:

1. “Find something that you love. Something that gets you so excited you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning. Forget about money. Be happy.” – Chris Gardner

2.“It’s okay to fail; it’s not okay to quit.” – Chris Gardner

3. “If you have a dream, you’ve got to protect it.” – Chris Gardner

4. “Well, I really don’t want to be a high-powered corporate lawyer. I’m really passionate about painting.” – Chris Gardner

5. “Walk that walk and go forward all the time. Don’t just talk that talk, walk it and go forward. Also, the walk didn’t have to be long strides; baby steps counted too. Go forward.” – Chris Gardner

6. “Without that sense of self, no amount of paper, no pedigree, and no credentials can make you legit. No matter what, you have to feel legit inside first.” – Chris Gardner

7. “There is no plan B for passion.” – Chris Gardner

8. “I hold one thing dearer than all else: my commitment to my son.” – Chris Gardner

9. “Then again, what seems like nothing in the eyes of the world, when properly valued and put to use, can be among the greatest riches.” – Chris Gardner

10. “You can only depend on yourself. The cavalry ain’t coming” – Chris Gardner

11.“Wealth can also be that attitude of gratitude with which we remind ourselves every day to count our blessings.” – Chris Gardner

12. “People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you that you can’t do it. Do you want something? Go get it.” – Chris Gardner

13. “Always, always pursue happiness.” – Chris Gardner

14. “The secret to success: find something you love to do so much, you can’t wait for the sun to rise to do it all over again.” – Chris Gardner

15. “One of the things young people always ask me about is what is the secret to success. The secret is there is no secret. It’s the basics. Blocking and tackling.” – Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner Quotes

16. “Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something.” – Chris Gardner

17. “No matter how much money is involved or no matter how easy it is for you to do, if you’re not happy, you are nothing more than a slave to your talent and money.” – Chris Gardner

18. “Hunker down, strap in, and hold on. Hold on baby!” – Chris Gardner

19. “It can be done, but you have to make it happen.” – Chris Gardner

20. “The balance in your life is more important than the balance in your checking account.” – Chris Gardner

21. “I was late once and it cost me $50,000. I figure it was cheaper to wear two watches.” – Chris Gardner

22. “The world is your oyster. It’s up to you to find the pearls.” – Chris Gardner

23. “Claim ownership of your dreams.” – Chris Gardner

24.“It’s okay to fail; it’s not okay to quit.” – Chris Gardner

25. “If you have a dream, you’ve got to protect it.” – Chris Gardner

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