25 Sergio Ramos Quotes on Motivation

25 Sergio Ramos Quotes on Motivation

1. “I wake up every day with tremendous enthusiasm.” Sergio Ramos

2. “We will respect all our opponents, as we always do.” Sergio Ramos

3. “We have to keep calm and stick together; that’s the key to success.” Sergio Ramos

4. “Every day, I wake up eager to learn new things, and I am grateful to Mourinho for that.” Sergio Ramos

5. “The team needs a leader to handle everything with rules and constant stability. Mourinho is the ideal man for that job, and we are delighted about it.” Sergio Ramos

6. “As long as there are chances, we have to fight to the end. That’s Madrid’s philosophy.” Sergio Ramos

7. “You have to learn from bad moments.” Sergio Ramos

8. “I keep my opinions to myself. I’ve always said that everyone is free to think what you like.” Sergio Ramos

9. “We all know the demands at this club, but I’m ready for this responsibility to make sure every Madridista is happy.” Sergio Ramos

10. “There is nothing more beautiful than being able to represent my country.” Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos Quotes on Motivation

11. “It is good to have competition.” Sergio Ramos

12. “Sometimes you lose; that is football.” Sergio Ramos

13. “At Real Madrid, we have many good players that the team can learn from.” Sergio Ramos

14. “Flattery and criticism are always in our profession.” Sergio Ramos

15. “It is a mistake to mix politics and sport.” Sergio Ramos

16. “We all have our opinions; that’s only human.” Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos Quotes on Motivation

17. “Playing against great teams makes victory more valuable.” Sergio Ramos

18. “We must take on each match as best we can and try to recover from each as quickly as possible.” Sergio Ramos

19. “Disrespect is bad for the atmosphere around a team.” Sergio Ramos

20. “I don’t care whether I play on the right or in the center. All I want is for the coach to have faith in me.” Sergio Ramos

21. “I need to keep quiet and do my talking on the pitch.” Sergio Ramos

22. “We need the right attitude and the right motivation – that can decide the match above everything else.” Sergio Ramos

23. “Being the captain is a great privilege and a responsibility to lead a great group with different cultures.” Sergio Ramos

24. “In the end, individual titles are achieved with the help of all your team-mates.” Sergio Ramos

25. “I wake up every day with a smile, and in that sense, I feel the same as I did when I arrived at Real Madrid in 2005.” Sergio Ramo


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