25 Stephen Curry Quotes on Motivation

Whenever you decide you want to live a meaningful and satisfying life. You must also decide and be ready to pay the price of success. The price of success isn’t to just wish, think, or blab about what you want in life. The price of success is complete hard work. Below we are sharing Stephen Curry Quotes on Motivation. We believe these Stephen Curry Quotes will boost your inspiration to help you achieve success in life.

25 Stephen Curry Quotes on Motivation

1. “Control your own destiny! Control your own destiny!” Stephen Curry

2. “The biggest thing is just routine. I think that’s the biggest correlation between golfers and basketball players.” Stephen Curry

3. “The way I try to represent my family and coaches, I think all are characteristics the league aspires to portray. That’s just who I am.” Stephen Curry

4. “When I step forward on the floor, I have the confidence that I’m the best player playing that night and that I am the most prepared at what I need to be doing.” Stephen Curry

5. “Some of the stuff I do on the court is what most people think they can do.” Stephen Curry

6. “I know what I do for my team and what my teammates expect of me on both ends of the floor.” Stephen Curry

7. “If you can’t move and talk to people that you see, it’s not really my scene.” Stephen Curry

8. “I won’t have to do any major changes to continue my career a long way, hopefully. Just hopefully stay healthy and be able to help a team out as I go through and still play at a pretty high level.” Stephen Curry

9. “For me, I don’t want to cheat the game by saying, or kind of doing lip service by saying, I want to be the greatest ever. I want to be able to show it.” Stephen Curry

10. “Everybody asks if putting is like shooting free throws. It has a very similar kind of mindset. And it’s just you, the ball, and the target.” Stephen Curry

11. “Drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle.” Stephen Curry

12. “We have a great group of guys that really sacrifice every night, care about each other, and try to play the right away.” Stephen Curry

13. “I’ve been blessed with talents to play this game and been put on a stage to impact a lot of people. I don’t want to take that for granted.” Stephen Curry

14. “Honestly, I could care less about other people’s opinions about me.” Stephen Curry

15. “You know, I’m trying to chase rings, and that’s all I’m about. So that’s where the conversation stops for me.” Stephen Curry

16. “All of us are in the same place, each with our own rooms, and we were allowed to do whatever we wanted. Which is totally different than college, where they manage your schedule for you. In the NBA, you’re on your own.” Stephen Curry

17. “I’ve been blessed in that regard through and through. So I’m just thankful for this opportunity to play the game that I love and share that with the world.” Stephen Curry

18. “Your touch and your feel for the game is pretty much gone if you don’t work on it – at least get some shots up or dribble the ball.” Stephen Curry

19. “I’m not in the business of ranking or debating who is what.” Stephen Curry

20. “It’s kind of a weird process being pitched by the company you’re already with.” Stephen Curry

21. “I always have an optimistic view, no matter what it is.” Stephen Curry

22.“It’s crazy how fast you get out of shape if you miss a couple of days of action.” Stephen Curry

23. “I just feel so much more comfortable and confident every game I play.” Stephen Curry

24. “I try to make it look easy, but the behind-the-scenes stuff is the challenge.” Stephen Curry

25. “For me, when you have people wondering what is next, what is coming out, you are on the right track.” Stephen Curry

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