5 Steps to Gain Control of Your Emotions

Gaining control over your emotions is the first step towards living a complex lifestyle. It’s not rocket science, but it is not easy either. It requires consistent practice and effort from your side. Everyone is asking this question nowadays How to Gain the Control of Your Emotions? Here is our article which will help you to Gain control of your emotions. Top 20 Robin Sharma Quotes.

Gain Control of Your Emotions:

1. Gain Awareness

First and most importantly, you must become aware of what emotions actually are. It all starts with the knowledge and the awareness you have. If you can start perceiving emotions and feelings with an objective eye, you can judge better why they are happening, what’s causing them, and ultimately gain control over them.

Emotions are chemical reactions that happen inside your body. Your brain stimulates them according to your subconscious thoughts. There are certain patterns and stimulants that influence the appearance of emotions. Once you figure out all these questions, you’ll automatically analyze your feelings once they come. You can assess them, remember what triggered them, and change their association.

2. Write Down What Worries You Most

Did you know that writing down your thoughts can actually relieve stress and help with anxiety issues? Many people use this method in order to get rid of their problems while still focusing on them. Every time you have big worries, start writing about it. Explain the situation and report yourself to the ten years older you.

Tell what’s going wrong, what solutions you might find, and keep coming back with results. It’s a good tactic that can be used anytime, without any costs. Doing this process can also be quality time for you. You get to have time for personal introspections and keep on track with your life and Gain control of your emotions.

Gain control of your emotions

3. Develop Self Control

Self-control is most of the times the biggest influencing factor that separates the successful person from the mediocre. Self-control can be associated with the “muscle” of your mind. The good thing is: the more you train it, the bigger it becomes. Developing self-control will definitely improve your ability to control most of your emotions. Your inside world should only be dictated by your conscious mind and thoughts. If you let yourself overwhelmed by emotions, it means that you are under control. By having strong self-control skills, you can manage to take that control back. Just Gain control of your emotions and you will feel a big change in your life.

“I wake up every morning believing today is going to be better than yesterday.” 

4. Do the Opposite to Your Emotions

We often tend to believe that if we feel in a certain way, we should definitely act accordingly. In fact, the truth is that your emotions are the source of your actions. It works this way. When your emotions pop up and you feel them in your body and mind, you have a thousand choices regarding how you express them. It is only up to you whether you want to act this or that way. My advice is to try doing things differently. Do exactly the opposite to your feelings. If you hate someone, treat him with kindness when you see him next time. If you feel that you are extremely lazy, force yourself and working or doing something productive. Try doing this for a couple of weeks and see how well you will feel. You will gain a sense of control over yourself. Controlling your behavior will become extremely easy too. 10 Things To Drop From Your Life

5. Start Meditating

Meditation is an extremely useful mindfulness technique which allows your thoughts to rest. By meditating you can reach certain spiritual and physical states that will prove to be beneficial. Some people meditate because it relaxes them. Not being surrounded by noise and light, being aware of the present moment can be a delightful experience. And everyone can do it! If you are having trouble with your emotions, you should really consider meditation as a way of controlling your thoughts and feelings. At first, it won’t be that efficient, but once you get the hang of it, it is going to be even easier to control what you’re feeling and what emotions you are allowing to change your moods.



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