50 Inspirational Myles Munroe Quotes

Myles Munroe Born on 20 April 1954. Myles Munroe was a Bahamian. He was a famous professor, author, leadership consultant, and Founder of Myles Munroe International (MMI) & Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI). He was the inspiration for millions. He was famous because of his highly inspiring speeches all over the world. Myles Munroe Died on  9 November 2014 in a plane crash. Here is our collection of his amazing and motivational Myles Munroe Quotes. Share these famous 50 Inspirational Myles Munroe Quotes. Inspirational Charlie Munger Quotes on Success

50 Inspirational Myles Munroe Quotes:

“Your job is your skill that they can fire you from at any time. But your work is your gift. No one can take that from you. – Myles Munroe

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.” – Myles Munroe

“When the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.” – Myles Munroe

“Seeds of faith are always within us; sometimes it takes a crisis to nourish and encourage their growth.” – Myles Munroe

“Healthy relationships should always begin at the spiritual and intellectual levels: the levels
of purpose, motivation, interests, dreams, and personality.” – Myles Munroe

“We should not pursue money. We should pursue a vision, we should persue purpose; for ourselves, for our country, and for our communities.” – Myles Munroe

Leaders are pursuing a passion toward a purpose that gives them a sense of destiny.” – Myles Munroe

“consult your experience, but never let it rule you.” – Myles Munroe

“When facing severe challenges, your mind is normally at its sharpest.” – Myles Munroe

“We shouldn’t persue things, we should pursue ideas.” – Myles Munroe

“You job is what they trained you to do, your work is what you were born to do.” – Myles Munroe

“If you become valuable to the world, the world will pay you to be yourself.” – Myles Munroe

“The giant is trained – experienced with a sword – so he expected an experienced swordsman to come and fight him. But here comes a little boy, with equipment he’s never seen before (A sling and rock). We need people like that in the 21st century.” – Myles Munroe

“The greatness of a man is measured by the way he treats the little man. Compassion for the weak is a sign of greatness.” – Myles Munroe

“When you believe in your dream and your vision, then it begins to attract its own resources. No one was born to be a failure.” – Myles Munroe

“Your purpose can be fulfilled only during the time you are given on earth to accomplish it.” – Myles Munroe

“Humility is simply believing and accepting what God says about us, and God says that we are anything but worthless.” – Myles Munroe

“The past is the past. Who or what we used to don’t matter anymore. What matters is who and what we are now and who and what we can become in the future.” – Myles Munroe

“Communication is the ability to ensure that people understand not only what you say but also what you mean. – Myles Munroe

“It is also the ability to listen to and understand others. Developing both of these aspects of communication takes a lot of time, patience, and hard work.” – Myles Munroe

“God never demands anything that He does not provide for. Whatever God commands us to do,
He equips us to do.” – Myles Munroe

“The best thing in life to do is not to regret and try to change what happened, but to interpret it properly, maxmize and use it to serve other people. That’s what I want to do with my past.” – Myles Munroe

“Submission is the willingness to give up our right to ourselves, to freely surrender our insistence on having our own way all the time.” – Myles Munroe

“The greatest act of leadership is mentoring. No matter how much you may learn, achieve, accumulate, or accomplish, if it all dies with you, then you are a generational failure.” – Myles Munroe

“Don’t judge your success by the masses, and what they think of you. Judge yourself by what God told you to do.” – Myles Munroe

“Life outside your ideal environment will destroy your potential because a wrong environment
always means death.” – Myles Munroe

“We should always keep our behavior or performance separate from our sense of self-worth.” – Myles Munroe

“when we share our sorrow, our sorrow is halved, and when we share our joy, our joy is doubled.” – Myles Munroe

“Proverbs 25:28 says, “Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control.” In other words, if we do not control our own lives from the inside, somebody else will control them from the outside.” – Myles Munroe

Myles Munroe Quotes

“No matter what type of leader you are or how widespread your influence, you face personal temptations, challenges, and stresses. And only a foundation of character will sustain you and your leadership.” – Myles Munroe

“We are not to be so concerned about who approves or disapproves of us, but remember that God’s approval is what counts. Those whom God approves are approved indeed.” – Myles Munroe

“When experience is your best teacher, then progress is imprisoned” – Myles Munroe

“Poor people talk about money all the time, rich people talk about things, wealthy people talk about ideas.” – Myles Munroe

“Instead of waiting for someone to give you a job, create your own work.” – Myles Munroe

“Change is inevitable. Change is also the principle of life. – Myles Munroe

“Ecclesiastes 3:1-2: ‘To everything, there is a season, …A time for every purpose under heaven.’…If you’re having a bad time right now, it cannot last. If you cannot find a job right now – That is only a season. If your business is going in the wrong direction – it’s a seasonal slide.” – Myles Munroe

“Never make a permanent decision to a temporary problem.” – Myles Munroe

“Solid character will reflect itself in consistent behavior, while a poor character will seek to
hide behind deceptive words and actions.” – Myles Munroe

“You must decide if you are going to rob the world or bless it with the rich, valuable, potent,
untapped resources locked away within you.” – Myles Munroe

“Being open to correction means making ourselves vulnerable, and many people are not willing to do that.” – Myles Munroe

“Friendship is not a gift, but is the result of hard work.” – Myles Munroe

“Leaders don’t seek followers. Followers are attracted to leaders.” – Myles Munroe

“A woman may be beautiful but have poor character. A man may be a business genius, making money left and right, but lack common courtesy, sensitivity, and compassion.” – Myles Munro

“Success is not a comparison of what we have done with what others have done.” – Myles Munroe

“We are a sum total of what we have learned from all who have taught us, both great and small.” – Myles Munroe

“Don’t ever make the mistake of telling God that you have nothing to offer. That simply is not true. God does not create any junk.” – Myles Munroe

“A person’s readiness to date is largely a matter of maturity and environment.” – Myles Munroe

“Desire is craving enough to sacrifice for” – Myles Munroe

“The picture that we have of ourselves — our self-concept — will always determine how we respond to life.” – Myles Munroe

“Your Job is where you get compensation for your activity. Your work is where you get fulfillment because you love it so much.” – Myles Munroe



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