Ambitious 10 Tony Fadell Quotes

Tony Fadell born on 22 March 1969. Tony Fadell is a famous American designer, inventor, successful entrepreneur. Here is our collection of 10 Tony Fadell Quotes, these Tony Fadell Quotes will inspire you to believe yourself and your qualities. you have amazing qualities within you. Believe Yourself & read these Tony Fadell Quotes. Don’t forget to share these Tony Fadell Quotes on! 20 Inspirational Trent Shelton Quotes

Ambitious 10 Tony Fadell Quotes:

“I’ve learnt something from every failure. The products I helped design at the first two companies I worked for were utter failures. But now I know why.” —Tony Fadell

“We built the iPod in weeks. It had to be what I thought it was going to be because there wasn’t time for endless refinements.”—Tony Fadell

“Computers are great tools, but they need to be applied to the physical world.”—Tony Fadell

“You have to look at why people come and work at Nest. Part of it is that a lot of people here already know each other, but we’re also on a mission with a purpose. People are personally motivated by energy or safety.”—Tony Fadell

“I look at the world and peer into products and think, ‘What’s wrong with these products?”—Tony Fadell

“At the end of the day, customer choice is essential. And we don’t make products that compete with Apple, nor make products that compete with Google. Our customers come in both iOS and Android flavors, and I hope our customers can still buy the products they want to purchase wherever they want to purchase them.”—Tony Fadell

Tony Fadell Quotes

“I used to work about 100 hours a week; now it’s about 70. But 40 hours? Forget about it. Either you’re all in, or your not.”—Tony Fadell

“You start with the right amount of rational and emotional experiences. You have to blend those in your product when you come out.”—Tony Fadell

“Learning by doing is the only way I know how to learn.”—Tony Fadell TED Talk

“Having kids makes you think about the world differently.” —Tony Fadell

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