Best Ben Stokes Quotes 2022

Starting to pursue a dream for many people is not a problem but lack of patience and perseverance to hold on till success is achieved has made many people to abandon their dreams halfway to fulfilment. Below we are sharing a collection of Best Ben Stokes Quotes that will inspire and motivate you to achieve greatness in life. Dont foret to hsare these Ben Stokes Sayings on your all social media accounts.

Best Ben Stokes Quotes 2022

“You can never beat your own mind when it plays tricks on you.” Ben Stokes

“Setbacks make you want to be better again.” Ben Stokes

“As players ourselves, to inspire other players to do what we do is awesome.” Ben Stokes

“Never give up. It’s never over until it’s over.” Ben Stokes

“I think momentum is huge in sport, especially in a series like the Ashes.” Ben Stokes

“It’s amazing how quickly things can change.” Ben Stokes

“The older you get the harder you’ve got to train.” Ben Stokes

“For me, it is about always trying to find ways to improve and get better.” Ben Stokes

“We are all about equality through society and sport.” Ben Stokes

“I always look to perform with the bat and the ball and do good for my team.” Ben Stokes

“I have really enjoyed the responsibility of leading the team and making the decisions out there.” Ben Stokes

“I just go out there and try to do what I am paid to do, which is score runs and take wickets.” Ben Stokes

“Players are under such pressure in crucial moments, especially at the highest level with what is on the line.” Ben Stokes

“That’s the great thing about being an all-rounder. You can impose yourself on the game with bat and ball.” Ben Stokes

“It’s the same with success and failure. There’s always the momentum thing, but you just have to put whatever happened in the past behind you.” Ben Stokes

“As professional sportsmen at the top of the game we do have worries. We do think of the worst and that’s absolutely fine. There’s no weakness in feeling like that.” Ben Stokes

“There is always that thing when you step up a level and you worry, am I going to be good enough? There’s always doubt in my mind.” Ben Stokes

“Sometimes you feel fine. You might have a day when you feel awful about what’s going to happen in the game. It ebbs and flows. Just embrace it.” Ben Stokes

“It’s not as if I ever left the pitch thinking ‘I wish I’d given a bit more today.’ You were always going to get everything from me.” Ben Stokes

“Captaincy did not change me as a player whatsoever, when I had the ball in my hand, I operated in the same manner like I always do.” Ben Stokes

“I’m always thinking about the private battle, even in the field. I’m always trying to be better than the other person I’m against.” Ben Stokes

“All I’m interested in is putting inconsistent performances. If awards come along with that, great. It means you are doing something right.” Ben Stokes

“In a World Cup final, the adrenalin is going. Emotion sometimes gets the better of me but that is adrenalin and wanting us to do well.” Ben Stokes

“I used to be guilty of trying to get a wicket every ball, but I’ve learned the game is not that easy. That’s come with experience.” Ben Stokes

“It’s fine for a bowler to have a plan but I feel as a batter you need to have another plan to counteract what they’re doing.” Ben Stokes

“On the field, MS epitomizes calmness and, from a cricket point of view, has the best angle in terms of field placements.” Ben Stokes

“Being an instinctive player is great but there’s time in the past where I’ve let how I’m playing at the time affect me, thinking I can play some big shots and I’d be alright.” Ben Stokes

“I am extremely nervous before anything. People who say they aren’t nervous are telling a white lie. Nerves get you going, as you are playing for so much at the highest level.” Ben Stokes

“I know I’m in a very fortunate position. I make a good living doing something I used to do for fun as a kid messing around in the garden. I’m in a fortunate position, so you try and give what you can, I guess.” Ben Stokes

“You are never the complete article but the feeling you get when people come up to you and say ‘thank you for the great summer’ and inspiring children is such a great feeling.” Ben Stokes

“It’s all good being there for people when things are going well and smoothly but what really comes through is how you operate with someone when they need you the most.” Ben Stokes

“As a batter, I just try to put myself in a bubble, not letting anything in from the outside, looking only at how many runs I can score.” Ben Stokes

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