Brian Dennehy Quotes on Motivation

The location you live and the kind of people you surround yourself with matter a lot if you’re ever going to achieve success in life. Your location determines your position while the kind of people you surround yourself with determines how serious you’ll be in pursuing your dream. Below we are sharing Brian Dennehy Quotes on Motivation that will boost your motivation. We believe these Rare Motivational Quotes will inspire you to achieve success in life.

Brian Dennehy Quotes on Motivation

“What really matters is that you do what you think is right, what you believe in, and you surround yourself with the people you care about in this world. That’s what counts in this life.” Brian Dennehy

“The older I get, the more interesting the part has to be. Bobby Knight is extremely interesting.” Brian Dennehy

“I like sports. I’m a big football fan. When I was a kid, I was a… I don’t even know how to describe it… I was an obsessed Brooklyn Dodgers fan. And I think when they left Brooklyn, which was simultaneous with me starting college, everything changed, and I haven’t had the same passion for sports.” Brian Dennehy

“The theater business has allowed me, in a way the movie and TV business has not, to do very, very interesting work. So that’s what I do.” Brian Dennehy

“When you think about it, what’s the difference between Bobby Knight and Vince Lombardi? Why is one guy a god, and the other guy is regarded as a crazy man?” Brian Dennehy

“I’ve got two artificial knees, I have an artificial shoulder, and I’m reasonably healthy given the damage I’ve done to myself. Everything hurts.” Brian Dennehy

“If I could transform my stage life to the movies, I’d be Jack Nicholson.” Brian Dennehy

“My father was a classic intellectual. From him I learned devotion, and I also learned about the life of the mind.” Brian Dennehy

“I remember playing John Wayne Gacy, serial killer, very sick, neurotic, screwed-up guy. You know what? There’s a part of me there, too, and you explore that.” Brian Dennehy

“No one would ever cast me as an aristocrat. I think the big thing about being an Irish artist is access to melancholy. Especially the American Irish. The availability of loss, some kind of pain, is an important part of who we are. I think my Irishness gave me that.” Brian Dennehy

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