The Family : Raising Godly Children in Time like These

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Topic: The Family: Raising Godly Children in Time like These.

The Family: Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary describes the family as a group consisting of one or two parents and their children.

The Children: Children could be explained as young boys and girls who are yet to be adults.

Parenting: Parenting could also be defined as the process of bringing or raising a child or children; we can have good parenting or poor parenting. Good parenting occurs when the parents are positively raising and bringing their children up in a godly manner.Top 10 Albert Einstein Picture Quotes

When parents influence their young ones negatively, this may thereafter have negative effect on the immediate family, the community, the nation and the world at large. Children that are raised up negatively usually constitute themselves as miscreants in the society.The Holy Scriptures give the illumination that children are unique gifts from God and as parents, we are expected to see it as a great privilege to care for our children positively so as to influence and impact their world positively.
Parenting is to produce socially responsible and productive individuals that will be source of blessings to their parents and the society at large. Good parenting affords the child the benefit of a special kind of education that equips the child informally of various spiritual and social qualities in him/her to fulfill his/her life purposes.
Children are raised up through infancy (0-2years) to early childhood (2-8years,) to late childhood (9-12 years), to adolescence (13-18years) and early adulthood (18 years and above). Understanding this process of growing up in children by parents will go a long way in bringing and raising godly children.Parents need to recognize that each individual is born with unique abilities and potentials, thus, children develop their own personality styles, temperament, rhythms, values and interest
However, the modern child is faced with exposure to some negative things and if not properly monitored could affect them negatively resulting in negative behavior or habits. Teachers and guidance counselors are presently facing the challenges of handling students in a normal school set-up because of these vices.
The use of internet is a good example in place for the negative practices. Moreover, the internet also has the potential for changing lives positively.
  • Internet gives access to information from all over the world;
  • Internet helps in having solutions to problems or assignments;
  • Application for admissions and scholarship online could bring positive impact on human
  • Connects people from different places around the world,transacting of businesses online, promoting student’s abilities and so on could be achieved with internet.
However, parents must not overlook the dangers inherent in the use of internet like, exposure to negative materials, gambling, internet addictions and so on. Parents need to demonstrate to their children godly traits; children need role models to impact positively on them. Parents, have the privilege of being the foremost role models for their children by setting good examples. 21 Awesome Leonardo DiCaprio Picture Quotes
The role of parents in shaping and affecting the lives of their children cannot be over- emphasized. Fathers and mothers have unique roles to play in the lives of their children before any other person they will thereafter be having contact with. Parents should understand that child training is a total education that brings a total change in the lives of the children. It is this process through which parents cause a child to achieve the purpose for their creation.In conclusion, parents should educate their children through modeling or re-modeling, validating, nurturing or pruning, motivating, guiding, directing, facilitating or restraining their children; doing this will bring about positive parenting of the children in times like these so as to bring about responsible adults in some years to come.
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