Famous Phil Knight Quotes on Motivation

The more you run away from making a mistake in life, the more you move far away from achieving success. Below we are sharing the collection of Famous Phil Knight Quotes on Motivation. We believe our collection of Phil Knight Quotes will inspire you to make your dreams a reality.

Famous Phil Knight Quotes on Motivation

1. “Obviously, the bulk of my Nike shares have been set up in a trust.” Phil Knight

2. “I’ve been fortunate to be around good people.” Phil Knight

3. “We could see that he was a charismatic guy who jumps over the moon and is very competitive, but nobody could have predicted what he would become to our culture.” Phil Knight

4. “I still get really nervous when I go in front of more than two people.” Phil Knight

5. “I don’t consider myself enigmatic, but I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about my public persona.” Phil Knight

6. “I’ve said many times that I might as well have webs between my toes.” Phil Knight

7. “Every businessman, or every person who has a passion for his work, is torn for the time spent at work and the time spent with your family.” Phil Knight

8. “I think I’m not a natural-born salesman, for sure, but If I have a product I really believe in, I can overcome some of the shyness and get through the things that aren’t natural to me.” Phil Knight

9. “We took advantage of the running boom, which became the jogging boom, which became the fitness boom, and we’ve benefited from all of that.” Phil Knight

10. “Any entrepreneur has to prepare for a lot of dark days, and they’ve got to really like what they are doing, and they have to have a reason for it to succeed.” Phil Knight

11. “I’m Phil Knight, and I don’t believe in advertising.” Phil Knight

12. “You can’t explain much in 60 seconds, but when you show Michael Jordan, you don’t have to. It’s that simple.” Phil Knight

13. “We knew we could fail; we just didn’t think we would.” Phil Knight

14. “When you really understand who you are, it enables you to fight and believe.” Phil Knight

15. “In running, the only equipment that really matters – at least the mentality was in those days – were the pair of shoes that you wore.” Phil Knight

16. “If there’s one thing, I’ve been pretty good at evaluating people.” Phil Knight

17. “I do believe that international trade agreements benefit both nations, always.” Phil Knight

18. “I didn’t say I’m walking away. I said I was stepping down as chairman. I won’t walk away. I’ll be carried away.” Phil Knight

19. “I think a businessman can be an artist just as much as a writer or a sculptor, so I’m real proud of what the company has become.” Phil Knight

20. “There is no drama like the drama on the athletic field.” Phil Knight

21. “No parent should have their child die before he or she does.” Phil Knight

22. “I know when the Berlin wall went down and I walked into what was East Berlin and saw two big Nike banners – that gave me a chill.” Phil Knight

23. “I think everyone born in Oregon is an environmentalist by birth.” Phil Knight

26. “The trouble in America is not that we are making too many mistakes, but that we are making too few.” Phil Knight

24. “If you’re trying to get into the sports business, you really have to find a niche.” Phil Knight

25. “Meeting sports athletes that are the best in the world is a thrill to this day.” Phil Knight

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