Golden Nuggets For Life of Greatness by Dr. Olasunmbo Ajoke Savage

Dr. Olasunmbo Ajoke Savage is a teacher, author, international motivational speaker, writer, educator, Guidance counselor, community education and community development expert. She is the writer of Amazing Book Seed Of Thoughts And In-Depth Conversations. Here is her Latest Article Golden Nuggets For Life of Greatness.

Golden Nuggets For Life of Greatness by Dr. Olasunmbo Ajoke Savage

Golden Nuggets For Life of Greatness:

  • Did you know that a prophecy released upon a life without a corresponding action taken will only be a mirage? Every prayer prayed without a corresponding action will only lead to illusion. If you are not thinking, you will be stinking. Release your talents and potentials to experience increase. Learn and continue to learn, readers are truly leaders. Have a teachable spirit, seek for more knowledge on what you need to achieve. Bring your dream to reality. Every conspiracy against your life shall be consumed as the Lord lives. Go and take your place in the affairs of your generation.
  • Don’t just sit there thinking of how to achieve your goal, be action oriented. Be the doer, leave that seat of comfort. Move yourself forward to achieve a new level of greatness.
  • Have self control. When you are angry, control your tongue. Never try to reply anyone in anger. Don’t make promises when you are happy or excited, it is dangerous. Live your life fulfilling your promises. It builds up your integrity and self-esteem. When you are in a sad state, make sure you are not making new decision. Be wise in taking decisions.
  • For you to fly with the eagles, you cannot scratch with the turkeys. Associate yourself with people that are positive and happy with their lives. Align yourself with optimistic people who have goals of theirs and are working daily to see their goals achieved. Synergize with positive people to move your life forward. Avoid negative and critical people like a plague! Do networking with your professional colleagues and those that are in your area of specialization or field to be profitable. Make sure you are helping others to achieve their goals and watch how your personal goals are met; it’s a mystery.
  • For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thought of peace, and not evil, to give you an expected end (Jer.29:11). Maintain a right attitude, whatever! Have a positive attitude. Stop your complaints and do not be among those that murmur. Let your disposition be positive in all things. God has plan for you despite that error or mistake committed. The mistake you committed only made you to understand that you are human! Don’t sleep over the mistake; make new changes that will move your life forward. Understand also that you cannot always choose what types of circumstances you will experience in life. The situation may be somehow tough, you will not remain there forever; you’ve got to start making new decision and taking new actions to make your life better. Remember, no obstacle have the ability to leave you the same way it met you, let it bring the best out of you. After doing so, then watch your life thereafter. When you are faced with any obstacles or challenges, you need to change your attitude or direction to reach your goals. Never change your decision to make sure your goal is achieved. You are unstoppable! Something great will happen for you, stay positive.
  • Have a business card for your business. Your business card stands out when it made some type of impression. Only the most creative, most unique and memorable business card makes an unforgettable impression.

Golden Nuggets For Life of Greatness

  • Move yourself forward despite that failure. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper company for “lacking imagination” and “having no original ideas”. Steve Job at the age of thirty was left devastated and depressed after being unceremoniously removed from the company he started work. The rest is now history for he determined to be unstoppable. He attained greatness.
  • Change for good; be prepared to change for growth. Adapt to change, don’t be comfortable with your comfort zone. What is it in your life, work, family and ministry that’s calling for change and you are recalcitrant about? Change for your own good! When are you going to continue to adapt to something you already know inside of you that is asking for change? Conformity to the world do jeopardize good initiative, be your own original! You cannot continue to conform to what everyone says, you cannot grow beyond people’s opinion on you. To be living on people’s opinion signifies that you are not a principled person. What is your heart telling you about that issue you left unattended to? It’s time to act fast, delay is dangerous. Rise up and do the needful. If you are not comfortable with something, you have the power to change it, you cannot continue to adapt to what is not profitable to your life existence. Be open to change, if you don’t change, be prepared to be forced to change as change is synonymous to God’s readiness to open doors of new level to growth in your life. Change for your good, your future will appreciate you for doing so. Sincerely yours.
  • Stretch yourself beyond your present level. Move your life beyond your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Develop yourself, develop your skills. Seek help where needful. Challenges are imminent in the pursuit of your life purpose, face it! Winners don’t quit. Be positive minded that all will be well with you. God will position you to meet helpers of your destiny. You are here to make your impact, dare to step out!
  • Did you know that speaking aloud to yourself in a positive, confident way builds your self confidence, self esteem and improves your performance? Make sure you are keeping your conversation positive and consistent with what you expect to happen to you! Choose to be a positive thinker!
  • Your life is hundred percent your responsibility, it’s no one else’ Refuse to be product of your circumstances. Refuse to be a product of other people’s decisions. Be product of your decision. Be guided by your intuition. Though your heart is positioned in your left side but is always right. Learn to commune with your heart, you will never be deceived. You are your heart! Listen more to your heart than you speak.

Dream big Dreams:

  • Dream big dreams! Let your dream be bigger than yourself. Let God be involved in your dream. For your life to get better, you must be a dreamer and a doer. Have a clear vision of purpose. Be single-minded, have a sense of ruggedness. Have a singleness of purpose, follow your heart. Concentrate on what you are passionate about. Have faith in God, be a hard-worker, and learn to persevere in the midst of difficulty and challenges. Learn to take risks. Make good decisions to move your life forward. Face your life; you cannot move forward looking backward. Have more than two sources of income, be full of ideas. Learn to diversify, you are endowed, you are unique. Use your uniqueness to attract positive things to your life. Take steps and never forget that you don’t have all the years on earth to yourself in achieving your life purpose. Until your plans are bigger than you, I’m not sure you really need the big God and the fact is that you need God in your life. He is our Maker.Ponder on this and go for big dreams.
  • Empower yourself! Stop looking for what God will give you to be prosperous; it is already inside of you. Develop the ability to generate good money. Let money increase in your hands. Use money to make more money. Offer something for sale at a price. What is that good or service you have to offer to your world? Financial success could be progressive if you are able to handle the little you have now to bring about great increase. You have to be successful at a level for you to upgrade to the new level. Those who make it in life are those with financial acumen. Make sure you are counted among them. Golden Nuggets For Life of Greatness

Rise up to Excellence:

  • Rise up to excellence. Excellence will distinguish and bring you out from the crowd. Use your endowed talents, skills and other endowed resources in moving your life forward from the crowd. Leave them if they seem not understanding you by excusing yourself from them. You are given different life- assignments. Don’t be comfortable with your comfort zone. Excellence will pronounce you publicly. Stop flocking around the multitude. You are greatly endowed to fulfill your life assignment. Refuse to be slothful. Remember, you do not have all the years to yourself. You are fully loaded. To be great in life, you need to be focused and determined. Good things don’t come easily. Excellence in all things will make you to be distinguished and be a cynosure of many in your generation. Do not be surprised that many will envy you for your spirit of excellence, fulfill purpose. Pursue excellence to a logical conclusion. You are not to dwell in just enough. Move your life to experience more than enough and be channel of blessing to many. Note that those who do things the same way like others wouldn’t be distinguished by many. Go extra miles. You are richly endowed. Use your gifts and talents to continue to operate in excellence. The entire universe will celebrate your uniqueness. Go out there and achieve outstanding success.

Golden Nuggets For Life of Greatness

Think great, activate your faith:

  • Think great, activate your faith! Stretch yourself, manifest the greatness in you. You are heavily loaded. Use your endowed talents and skills to move your life forward. Did you know that most people in the world use only 10% of their brain potential and capabilities? If anyone uses the brain capacity up to 25%, the world refers to them as genius! What a wonderful exposition? How effective are you activating your brain capacity to bring the best out of you to attract greatness to your life and be of great benefits to your generation and generations to come? I challenge you this day to stretch yourself! Rise up from slumber, it is meant for the snails! Be awake to fulfill your life purpose, you are not a snail that is comfortable sleeping endlessly. Do the needful. Venture into new opportunities by utilising your talents and skills positively. Fake It Till You Make It: How to Gain Confidence
  • Remain focused, be undaunted. Never give yourself to any form of distraction.  Did you know that sometimes, people don’t just hate you for the things you have? Sometimes, they appreciate you just because you can go through life challenges and still remain strong and able to hold your head high despite all. They actually hated you for your dispositions that never display that you’ve gone through anything in your life! Go for more goals, GOD has your back!
  • Make a conscious effort to live in harmony with your highest values and what represents your innermost convictions. Set high goals for yourself; resist the temptation of the familiar terrain or your comfort zone! Beware of dream killers, keep your goal confidential. Share your dream only with people that have their goals and are diligent in making sure that their personal goals are achieved. Avoid negative people like a plaque. Never allow them a space in your life. Raise your rent! Be consistent, persevere and pursue your life purpose with passion. It is not over till you win.
  • There is no process without a promise. Though the process of attaining your dream may be rough, never must you forget the promise therein. Stay on track. You have to break records of attainment of your set goals. Don’t ever give up on your goal, whatever may be the challenges that may be confronting you; quitting is not an option. No quitting till the record is broken. Failure is not final. Remember, every setback has divine comeback strategy. You shall be celebrated. You shall touch the stars. You are a winner. Get up and shout I’m a winner! Yes, you are. The entire universe will celebrate your uniqueness.

Keep your Dream Alive:

  • Keep your dream alive, hope for the best. Remain committed to the task that you’ve ventured on. Never forget that as long as remain committed and dedicated to your goal. You will always have the reason to rejoice. Keep on keeping on.
  • Idea truly rules the world. Did you know that it doesn’t take money to make money? It takes an idea to make money! If you have an idea that could be utilized to produce goods or render services and you try to put the idea to action by taking step in actualizing it, money will surely come. Whatever you sow will be reaped. Be action-oriented. There are many with great ideas lying fallow in the graves. Use your God-given idea to impact positively on humanity. Release to experience increase! Use your endowed talents and skills to affect your world positively. Be ready to separate yourself from the crowd. Be among the movers and shakers of our generation for positive development. You have something unique to offer, utilize it. Golden Nuggets For Life of Greatness. Discover Your Talents And Start Living Out Your Dreams In Life
  • Your dream fuels the drive for you to achieve great success. Your confidence, your courage, your consistency will move you to where you desired to be, dare to be real. Be yourself. Invest in yourself. Sharpen your skill and seek for more knowledge. There can never be too much of knowledge. Never allow other people’s vision dim your life purpose. You’ve got what it takes to move your life forward. Utilize the endowed resources you are blessed with and cluster with good and positive people around you, you cannot do everything alone. You’ve got what it takes to move your life forward to experience greatness. Don’t leave your personal goal behind you. Work on purpose. Your life can only become better when you make up your own mind to be the best of your kind. Live the life you love.

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