Greatest James Rodriguez Quotes

James Rodriguez was born on July 12, 1991. James Rodriguez is famously known as James. He is a Colombian professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder for German club Bayern Munich on loan from Real Madrid, and the Colombia national team. Below we are sharing Greatest James Rodriguez Quotes. These inspirationall quotes will motivate you to keep moving forward in every difficult situation of life. Don’t forget to share these James Rodriguez Quotes with others.

Greatest James Rodriguez Quotes

1. “In football, you can win or lose. We always have to be together, with the same spirit we’ve always had.” —James Rodriguez

2. “There are always bad games and bad afternoons.”—James Rodriguez

3. “Any player would want to be involved in games against Argentina.”—James Rodriguez

4. “Some people think that your life changes for the worse when you become a father, but on the contrary, when my daughter was born, she brought light and joy into my life.”—James Rodriguez

5. “Ancelotti is a great coach, and we talk often.”—James Rodriguez

6. “The fans want a nice game, and when not everything goes so well, they have every right to boo.” —James Rodriguez

8. “I’m a great professional. What’s been said about me going out a lot at night is a lie.”—James Rodriguez

9. “You always dream to have a great World Cup.”—James Rodriguez

10. “What the not-so-good moments gave me at Real Madrid, I think they helped me grow.”—James Rodriguez

11. “With time, you learn to be calmer.”—James Rodriguez

12. “When you play and have the support of everyone, it makes a difference.”—James Rodriguez

13. “The most important thing is to try and help the team.”—James Rodriguez

14. “Players at the top level have to be ready for everything.”—James Rodriguez

15. “I try to improve every day so that things go well. You must keep training strongly every day.”—James Rodriguez

16. “I can play as a No. 8, a No. 10, out wide. Wherever I play, I’ll be happy, I’m sure.”—James Rodriguez

17. “In a big club, you always want to win titles.”—James Rodriguez

18. “To be alongside great stars is something really special. I hope I can get better, bit by bit.”—James Rodriguez

19. “I think having kids is really something so beautiful.”—James Rodriguez

20. “Bayern Munich is as big a club as Real Madrid, if not even bigger.”—James Rodriguez

21. “I just want to play week in, week out.”—James Rodriguez

22. “Messi is from another planet.”—James Rodriguez

23. “I try every day to grow more and to help the team so we can do well.”—James Rodriguez

24. “If you want to learn and to become somebody, you must sacrifice some things.”—James Rodriguez

25. “I always watch Messi and try to copy him, Messi is a step above the rest, the best player ever.”—James Rodriguez

26. “Men cry too, especially when they put all their faith in something.”—James Rodriguez

27. “Before a match, I just ask God to make sure everything works out good.”—James Rodriguez

28. “Everyone who is close to me knows how I act and that I always look to take good care of myself.”—James Rodriguez

29. “You have to go to your limit to progress.”—James Rodriguez

30. “In football, you can win or lose. We always have to be together, with the same spirit we’ve always had.”—James Rodriguez

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