How To Achieve Success In Life

If you want to be great and achieve success in life, go and pay your dues. Often times we aspire and try to be like the successful people that have achieved greatly for themselves but we fail to take into consideration what they have passed through to arrive at the successful land they are. Be hardworking! Make a decision to come out of your comfort zone and work very hard to achieve enormously. We tend to value whatever thing we work hard to get. You possess the power and strength to go all out to achieve all your heart desires. Be great in life. Achieve greatly. You deserve great success in life.

Achieve Success In Life With These 5 Tips:

Learn to Overcome Your Fear: FEAR is one of the reasons most people don’t live up to their true potential in life. It is a dream killer. To achieve success in life, you need to overcome your fear. But before overcoming it, you need to first have an idea of what the word fear means and also identify your kind of fear. Fear could be defined as an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight). Fear could also be termed as to be uneasy or apprehensive about something or be frightened of something. Many dreams have been abandoned and shattered due to fear. Most people flee abandoning their dreams whenever they face challenges while some wait and fight to achieve success in life.

Two kinds of fear we Experience:

  • The natural fear we were born with like the fear of falling, dying, fire, height and so on.
  • The fear we learn to like the fear of failure when we are scared of failing; in our exams, in our chosen career or business, dreams and, so on and fear of success when we panic whenever we achieve great success.

Strategies to Overcome Fear:

1: Discover Yourself: do a SWOT analysis of yourself to determine your Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat and, then DISCOVER what you love to do? What you can do? What your limits are? What scares you about your dreams? and what frightens you?

2: Belief In Yourself: after discovering what you love to do, you must start doing it and BELIEVE in your capability. This is not in the absence of fear. Of course, there is this inner voice saying you can’t do it. But the believe you have in yourself and capability makes it possible to overcome the fear coming through. Also, be POSITIVE it is possible to achieve success.

3: Be Bold- Being Bold: is a major tool if you are ever going to overcome your fear. You must be audacious when it comes to living a meaningful and satisfying life. You must be brave to take life on. Success is the child of audacity. You must be courageous to stand tall in the face of adversity. Many things will happen to make you succumb to fear or failure but the courage to keep moving forward will see you through to a successful end.

4: BE HUNGRY FOR SUCCESS- being hungry for success can also help in overcoming fear. Not that fear will not come to rob you of your greatness but the hunger and passion you have for success will keep driving you forward to do more. It will transform your fear into a force to keep pushing you till you achieve success.

5: Connect WIith God Through Prayer:  your connection with God through prayer will also help you to overcome your fear. Pray to God as if everything depends on Him. Ask God for power and grace to live above fear. Commit everything in His holy hands and he will take you above your fears. Read His words always and claim His promises for your life and you will be bold to take up anything.In conclusion, whatever your fear is I do not know but one thing I do know so well is that, your fear can stop you from pursuing your dreams only if you allow it.

Successful people in the world achieved success in life, not in the absence of fear but were able to overcome their various fears. You too can achieve great success and live a satisfying life despite your fear. Do something! Put boldness into practice and success is sure. Because it is what you deserve. You deserve great success!~Tunji Oyedokun

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