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Fake It Till You Make It: How to Gain Confidence

Being confident is believed to be one of the crucial aspects leading  to success. People tend to trust confident individuals more as well as follow them and listen to them when they share their vision. Being confident is a vital trait you should develop if you want to be an effective leader. However, this is not the only reason why being confident is important. Below you can see a whole list of advantages of self-confidence and How to Gain Confidence. Here is Article About How to Gain Confidence.

Fake It Till You Make It: How to Gain Confidence:

Benefits of self-confidence

  • Being more confident will make you feel that you are worth something. You can be proud of who you are and what you do, see yourself in a better light and increase your level of self-esteem.
  • You are likely to enjoy your life more, as you eliminate things that make you sad about your life. You do not have to go over your old failures if you are self-confident. That is why you leave everything behind and keep moving.
  • If you are self-confident, you are free from fears. Our biggest concern apart from that of death or pain is that we become a failure and people will see it. Once you develop enough self-confidence, you will leave these worries in the past and will start living an incredible life free of fears.
  • You will reduce the level of stress you experience. The more fears you have, the more stress you feel on a daily basis. That is why getting rid of fear will consequently make your life stress-free.
  • Confident people are more sociable as they are not afraid to be who they are. They take initiative and start building the relationship not worrying about what happens if someone does not like them.
  • The fact that confident people have less stress than insecure individuals results in them being healthier than others. Your body will function in a normal way, and you will have a healthy immune system that will protect you especially during the cold seasons.
  • Finally, as a result of all the factors mentioned above, the more confident you are, the more motivation for the life you have. You will feel like achieving more, fighting for your dreams and setting new goals, as you feel strong enough to do all this. 13 Tips That Make a Person Successful

Therefore, you should think of gaining more confidence in your life. This is a quality that will come in handy in all kinds of life situations. The only question left here is how to do that.

How to Gain Confidence

How to Gain Confidence?

Some psychologists claim that what is known as “Fake it till’ you make it” is one of the most efficient ways of gaining confidence. All you need to do is to pretend that you are a confident person at first, and as you get familiar with people and circumstances, the confidence will eventually come. The idea behind it is that you will only have to play a confident person in the beginning; as time flies, you will be able to stop faking it and start feeling confident. Nothing in life comes easy and you’re going to make mistakes along the way, but it’s a work in progress. This idea might sound strange to some of you. If you think that it is not a good idea to pretend being someone you are not, then you actually belong to the Age of Authenticity, which professor Adam Grant depicted in one of his researchers. He claims that people today firmly believe that there is no better way of living that being yourself, being original and letting other people see what you think or what you believe about particular things or situations. Read More: 11 Habits of Confident People

However, according to his words, this only works for the best if you are always on the watch. Of you tend to be very careful about the feelings and opinion of other people, then you should not fake anything. But what about those people that do not have a strong will or strong character to look confident, always get their way and fight for what they believe in? Such people should try the method of pretending to be someone they are not until they master this trait & Gain Confidence.

It is not about not being yourself completely, but rather about letting other people see who you actually are, slowly but confidently. Fake it till you make it is what you should stick to when trying to grow and develop your self-confidence. Creating a positive image of yourself, you will avoid feeling sorry or ashamed. Taking one step at a time to revealing more of your inner self you will soon get to the point when people will be able to see the real you but they want to have a reason to judge you right away, as they got to know and gain a better understanding of you within the course of time.

While still in a way to gaining confidence in yourself, you can still work on creating a big picture of what person you really want to be. Make sure to imagine that person with all the little details. Think of the hobbies you want your new self to have, traits of character you want to possess, passions you want to have as well as life aspirations and dreams you want to follow. Once you realize what you want to look like in the nearest future, you will get more motivation to move towards developing and changing into being that one person you want to be.

How to Gain Confidence

Finally, do not hesitate to start acting. If you always wanted to be someone you are not now, today is the perfect day to start implementing this “fake it till’ you make it” theory in real life. You will get used to being the person you like, and it will soon become a part of your identity. At least this is what professors of psychology like Adam Grant believe. Keep in mind all the benefits of self-confidence, especially at times when you feel like giving up and not keeping up with the standards and patterns you have decided to follow. This trait is essential to your private and professional life, so stick to growing in it and developing it no matter what.

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