How To Stay Focused On Your Goal (2023)

In this era of technology, you know what stops us from getting successful? What’s stopping us to get what we want from life? It’s not a lack of resources. It’s neither because of bad circumstances. It’s a lack of focus! Just take an example to understand the importance and seriousness of the topic. For example, if you dig the ground from many places, you can’t get anything except mud. But if you just dig at one place with focus you will definitely end up making a well. That is what most of us do these days. We are digging many places which give us no results. In this article, we will provide you with step by step guide on how to stay focused on your goal and get rid of distractions.


How To Stay Focused On Your Goal In 2023


Major Types Of Distractions:

Before talking about focus, we should first know what is the nature of distraction that is stopping us from focusing on our goals. In my opinion, there are two major types of distractions.

1) Social Media

2) Overthinking

Now let’s discuss both of them in detail.

Social Media:

Studies have proved now that social media is as addictive as any other addictive substance. Because it releases the same hormone which is released by any addictive substance which is dopamine (a pleasure hormone). On each popup notification, your mind gets triggered and your mind gets stimulate. That’s why we leave our work and run towards our phones.

Short snippet videos drain our attention spans. It is a poison to the focus because they overstimulate our minds and make our minds addicted to instant stimulations.


  • Turn off the pop-up notifications of social media
  • Try to watch long-form videos like TED talks or anything informative
  • Log out your emails and social media after using. It will make your mind make an effort to log back in which will ultimately reduce your screen time.


Overthinking is the art of creating problems that has nothing to do which reality. It happens because we live either in past or in the future. Constantly thinking about the future and getting tense gives us nothing but depression. If one is not thinking about the future then he might be holding some regrets of the past and constantly think about it.


  • Try to live in the present.
  • Don’t perceive past mistakes as mistakes but think about them as learnings.
  • Practice this Thought: “What happened can’t be changed by any means.”
  • Stop thinking about the future. Just make a goal and start working on it is today.

God gives you the pen of the present by which you can write your future. -Umair Nisar


Tips To Increase Your Focus

Meditation & Exercise:

In this era, we spend a lot of time on screen that we forget to reconnect with nature. We don’t spend time with ourselves and because of it we don’t know our real self. Moreover, technology has taken various physical activities from us which causes ineffectiveness.

Always remember that when we move our mind grooves.

Try to do meditation after waking up and before going to bed. Try to forget everyone and go to bed with gratefulness and a clean heart. Practice gratitude. Be grateful for every little thing you have. Stretch your body and perform some physical exercises like pushups, squads, and burpees.

This will transform your mind and release positive hormones into your brain.



Writing is one of the best habits one can develop to stay focused. It demands a separate article to talk about its benefits. But for now,  just remember that writing works as an organizational operation. By writing, you are organizing your thoughts and clearing the vision. So after meditating in the morning write your personal statement or goals on a piece of paper. And remember that you don’t have to be a writer to do so. Just write your thoughts and keep writing. You will see improvement in your focus and your thoughts will get clear than ever before.

When we write our blur ideas, they become clear. -Umair Nisar



We all know that we are what we eat.  Diet plays a vital role in our focus. Where junk food act as a poison, glucose, and caffeine helps us to stay focused. You can take a cup of coffee in the morning and can reward yourself with chocolate every time you finish your task.

How To Stay Focused

Green Zone:

Green zone means the area where electronic devices are not allowed. Nowadays it becomes a need to have such device-free spaces where we can spend some time detoxing. It can be a room or certain area within the room where cell phones are not allowed. Spend some time there with yourself and work on your weaknesses and think about how can you improve yourself.



“Leaders are readers.”

Try to read books whenever have spare time. It will help you to improve yourself and also help you in your growth. Try to highlight lines while reading it will help you to maintain your focus and will also benefit you later on. Along with it, you can also make notes. This will also help you to stay focused on your goals.


So these were some tips on how to stay focused on your goals. I hope these will help you to transform your life.

In the end, I would like to tell you that focused light on one point (laser) can penetrate the diamond which is the hardest matter found on earth. Moreover, if water focused on one point, it can cut the metal. That’s the power of focus. It’s a famous saying that one completed task is better than too many half-done tasks.


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