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How To Use Facebook Ads Correctly To Grow Your Business .

Love them or hate them, the reality is if you are an online entrepreneur they can be a tremendous growth injection for your business if you know how to use and set them up correctly.

Here is what I mean by that. Think about WHY people go on social media. It is to be social, right? We want to connect with others, get inspired and share our story. I am sure you have noticed your timeline feed does read like a high light reel of all the great things going in our friend’s lives. And we get hooked for the same reason we love going to the movies. We want to be entertained and forget about everything that is going on in our own life for just a brief moment.

And then there it is, the sales pitch. Somehow it has found its way into our news feed and because it is a disruption of our favorite activity, scrolling and reading all about what our friends are up to, we are immediately turned off.

That is a sure fire way for your ad to be unsuccessful.

What you want to do instead is make it appear just like a regular post and keep it conversational, engaging and friendly. But BEFORE that you have to be crystal clear on your.


Who is your audience? What are their pain points, frustrations, obstacles and what is their occasion? Secondly how does your product or service provide a solution for them? This is the starting point that will inform all your marketing decisions in your business including setting up the RIGHT target audience for your Facebook Ad.


We are first and foremost visual creatures. Remember the old saying “A picture says more than a 1000 words”? It’s true. Our eyes first go to the image and the more attention grabbing it is, the better chance you have for your prospect’s eyes to land on it.  They will be much more inclined to read your tagline and the accompanying post if the image you chose is intriguing.  A little heads up: Facebook has very strict guidelines about how much of your image can be covered up by text.  Officially you are only allowed to use 20% text on your image so your tagline has to be succinct. You can use the “Grid tool” to ensure you are in compliance.  Speaking of compliance also be sure to thoroughly familiarize yourself with Facebook’s ever changing advertising policies before you start creating your ad.


When it comes to your ad copy you want to keep it simple and conversational, like you are having a chat with a friend. Don’t get too wordy. Use language that resonates with your target audience. What you want to do is highlight the BENEFITS of your offer. How does it help your audience? Why should they pay attention?  This is called the HOOK, a promise that tells them immediately what is in it for them. Here is a simple, handy formula: Benefit to your audience + Benefit of the benefit + Call To Action. You always want to let them know exactly what you would like them to do next (e.g. sign up, learn more, book now,…)


I recommend to use the POWER EDITOR when setting up your ad because it allows for much more flexibility in terms of word count of the post that accompanies your ad and also gives you a better opportunity to track its performance than the Ads Manager. One thing you want to ensure is to install the CONVERSION TRACKING PIXEL which allows you to track the success of your ad.


It is very important to track the metrics of your ad on a daily basis to see what kind of conversion rate you are getting in terms of cost per lead, so you can make adjustments and get the best return on your investment. You might want to consider split testing an ad to see which version is performing better. When you do that always just change ONE variable (e.g. either the image or the tagline or the actual post itself.) That way you are getting a clean read on what is working and what is not so you can make the right adjustments and put your budget behind the ad that is converting at the better rate.

Lastly, remember people go onto Social Media to be social, so don’t use your ad for a hard sell, but rather as an entry point into your marketing sales funnel.  There you have an opportunity to establish a relationship with your new subscribers so they get to know and trust you before you will eventually offer them your product or service.

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