Inspirational Barry Gibb Quotes 2022

You’ve got to discover yourself and start pursuing a life you desire. You’ve got to do this boldly, patiently, and persistently. You deserve success. Below we are sharing a collection of Barry Gibb Quotes. We believe these inspirational quotes will boost your motivation to the next level.

Inspirational Barry Gibb Quotes 2022

1. “I don’t ever wish I was somebody else.” – Barry Gibb

2. “He was the average guy. Maurice, I think, reflected every man.” – Barry Gibb

3. “I like blues but it is music I am too ignorant to understand.” – Barry Gibb

4. “We were very influenced by The Beatles, no question.” – Barry Gibb

5. “We enjoy change and freshness, and disco was only one area we’ve delved into.” – Barry Gibb

6. “It was great being together as a band, but much more difficult being brothers than it was being in a band.” – Barry Gibb

7. “I’m the eldest at 51, and if the Stones can drag themselves around once more, then there are a few more albums in us.” – Barry Gibb

8. “By going solo I could lose a fortune but money is not important.” – Barry Gibb

9. “I don’t want to live on past records.” – Barry Gibb

10. “Sure I’m leaving the Bee Gees. I’m going into films.” – Barry Gibb

11. “It is not the money but the self-respect and wanting to create good music.” – Barry Gibb

12. “I will always have my songs and I don’t think I will ever dry-up.” – Barry Gibb

13. “When you are in your 20’s and 30’s, you just want a hit record and you don’t really care how it happens.” – Barry Gibb

14. “But all bubbles have a way of bursting or being deflated in the end.” – Barry Gibb

15. “I just love the feeling a close family gives you and I wouldn’t change it for anything.” – Barry Gibb

16. “I love making records; I love making music; I love writing songs.” – Barry Gibb

17. “I’ve worked with a lot of people who are more famous than myself who are terribly insecure.” – Barry Gibb

18. “Maurice would prance into a room, you know, and his presence was immediate.” – Barry Gibb

19. “The Bee Gees no longer exist.” – Barry Gibb

20. “I would be content if I had nothing but a tape-recorder. I could still write songs and record them.” – Barry Gibb

21. “Now there is a new group every week; it seems like everybody and anybody can get into the charts.” – Barry Gibb

22. “I have a huge ego and a huge inferiority complex at the same time.” – Barry Gibb

23. “As long as you’re having fun, that’s the key. The moment it becomes a grind, it’s over.” – Barry Gibb

24. “I think they are grooming me as another Gary Cooper.” – Barry Gibb

25. “It is commercial pop that the majority of people understand. A working man’s daughter would not understand blues.” – Barry Gibb

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