Inspirational Christopher Nolan Quotes

Christopher Edward Nolan Born on July 30, 1970, in the UK. Christopher Nolan is a Successful English film director, screenwriter, and producer. Christopher Nolan holds both British and American citizenship. Here are Christopher Nolan Quotes. We Believe these Inspiring Christopher Nolan Quotes will motivate you to never give up in your life and achieve your dreamed life. Read These and don’t forget to share with your friends & family.

Inspirational Christopher Nolan Quotes:

“Why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”– Christopher Nolan

“I’ve always believed that if you want to really try and make a great film, not a good film, but a great film, you have to take a lot of risks.” – Christopher Nolan

“Well, you always discover a lot in the editing room. Particularly the action, because you have to overshoot a lot and shoot an enormous amount of material because many of the sequences have to be discovered in the editing and manipulation of it.”– Christopher Nolan

“I never considered myself a lucky person. I’m the most extraordinary pessimist. I truly am.”– Christopher Nolan

“You’re never going to learn something as profoundly as when it’s purely out of curiosity.“Christopher Nolan Quotes

“One of the things you do as a writer and as a filmmaker is grasping for resonant symbols and imagery without necessarily fully understanding it yourself.”– Christopher Nolan

“I’ve always been a movie guy, movies have been my thing. I love movies, all kinds of movies.”Christopher Nolan

“Keep trying to do great work.”– Christopher Nolan

“But in the back of my mind, I’ve always looked to the biggest-scale Hollywood movies. Because to me the most satisfying experience is of watching a movie if it’s done really well. And so that aspiration is always it for me if I have the opportunity to do it.”– Christopher Nolan

“So you lie to yourself to be happy there’s nothing wrong with that. We all do it.”– Christopher Nolan

“I have been interested in dreams, really since I was a kid. I have always been fascinated by the idea that your mind, when you are asleep, can create a world in a dream and you are perceiving it as though it really existed.”– Christopher Nolan

“I try to be as efficient as possible because, in my process, I think that actually helps the work. I like having the pressure of time and money and really trying to stick to the parameters we’ve been given.“– Christopher Nolan

“I just love photographing things and putting them together to tell a story.– Christopher Nolan

“I think there are advantages to different scales of filmmaking. You wouldn’t want to do just one thing.”– Christopher Nolan

“We all wake up in the morning wanting to live our lives the way we know we should. But we usually don’t, in small ways. That’s what makes a character like Batman so fascinating. He plays out our conflicts on a much larger scale.“ – Christopher Nolan Quotes

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