Inspirational Kevin Harrington Quotes

Kevin Harrington Born on 15 October 1956. He  is an famous and successful American entrepreneur and business executive. Kevin Harrington is the founder of As Seen On TV. Here are Inspirational Kevin Harrington Quotes which will inspire you to work hard and be a successful entrepreneur.  Share these inspiring Kevin Harrington Quotes with everyone.

Inspirational Kevin Harrington Quotes:

“Nothing turns off an investor more than when an entrepreneur comes in with a ridiculous valuation.” —Kevin Harrington

“You only stay in front by coming up with ideas your new competitors haven’t thought of yet.” —Kevin Harrington

“I’ve spent over 25 years in the television industry, the direct response industry. I met a lot of people and certainly learned the power of commercials and their brand building potential.” —Kevin Harrington

“Being born into poverty does not mean you are condemned to spend the rest of your life in poverty. ” —Kevin Harrington

“Reality TV is a totally different animal than the infomercial world.” —Kevin Harrington

“By definition startups usually do not turn a profit.” —Kevin Harrington

“Working for my father gave me a better sense of what the outer reaches of hll might be like than the vision given to me by the nuns where I went to school.” —Kevin Harrington

“I have seen entrepreneurs ask for hundreds of millions of dollars on a concept and try to sell because of ‘their passion’ for an idea. If the idea is that good, why wouldn’t I cut you out and hire someone who is just as passionate for much, much less?” —Kevin Harrington

“I did learn the unhappy lesson that a lot of people are flakes, and a lot of the rest simply can’t be counted on.”—Kevin Harrington

“I understand that finance can be very complex.”—Kevin Harrington

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