Inspirational Liz Murray Success Story

Liz Murray was born on September 23, 1980. Liz Murray is a well-known American inspirational speaker who inspired millions of people around the world with her successful life story. She faced many ups and downs in her life but because of her passion and dream, she never Gives up and kept moving forward. Below we are sharing Inspirational Liz Murray Success Story. We believe her success story will also inspire you too never give up in your life no matter what the situation is.

Inspirational Liz Murray Success Story

She went from homeless to Harvard university Liz Murray grew up watching her parents use drugs, and saw her mother sell her sister’s winter coat, and steal $5 from her birthday card to buy more drugs. At the age of 9, Liz was the only one in her family who worked really hard bagging groceries and pumping gas to pay the bills. But often the family had no money left for food and resorted to eating ice┬ácubes, chapstick, or toothpaste. Her father always made sure that she had books to read, even if he had to resort to stealing them for her. Her mother promised she would someday turn her life

Dream, but Don’t Sleep.”

Sadly her mother died of AIDS before she ever had the chance. Now Liz was homelessly resorted to stealing food and spent her nights on park benches and in train stations. Liz was passionate and motivated about her success because she had watched her mother die without ever fulfilling her dreams, and she was desperate not to make the same mistake again. Despite dropping out of high school Li vowed to become a straight A student and attended night school. Uptill now Liz has kept her homelessness a secret out of shame. But after doing well in high school, she could finally dare to dream.
When Liz visited Harvard University on a school trip and knew it was where she belonged. She applied for a New York Times scholarship & wrote an essay detailing the struggles in her life.

liz murray succes story

Because of her inspirational success story was so moving, readers donated an additional $200,000.
When she started her Harvard classes, she felt as though she was unstoppable but she had to put Harvard on hold to take care of her father. Before the death of her father, she saw her father get sober, and he said his dreams were safe with her. After the death of her father, she returned back to Harvard university more determined than ever and graduated with a degree in Psychology.
Today, Liz share her Successful inspirational story as a motivational speaker and hopes that her story encourages others to triumph over adversity.
Liz is proof that there is nothing we cannot overcome.

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