Motivational Matthew Fox Quotes

Matthew Fox is an American actor best known for portraying Jack Shepherd on the television series ‘Lost’, for which he received several nominations including a Gold Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy Award. In an episode of the TV series “Wings,” Matthew Fox made his acting debut. Following that, he was cast in several other supporting roles before landing a lead role in the popular teen drama series “Party of Five”. Below we are sharing a collection of the Best Matthew Fox quotes that will inspire you to achieve success in life.

Best Matthew Fox Quotes

1. “The only way to learn compassion is through your heart; you have to back up and pass through your own pain.” – Matthew Fox

2. “A lot of people want to see this idealized version of heroism, all pretty and perfect, and I’m not interested in playing the goody-goody hero at all.” – Matthew Fox

3. “We honor life when we work. The type of work is not important: the fact of work is. All work feeds the soul if it is honest and done to the best of our abilities and if it brings joy to others.” – Matthew Fox

4. “A global awakening can only happen from a spiritual awakening that is of global dimensions.” – Matthew Fox

5. “I directed an episode of ‘Party of Five’ toward the very end of that show. It was a great experience.” – Matthew Fox

6. “I didn’t learn to swim until I was 21 or something because I grew up in the mountains in Wyoming and all the water is glacier runoff and cold.” – Matthew Fox

7. “When our inner self connects to our work and our work to our inner self, the work knows no limit, for the inner self knows no limit.” – Matthew Fox

8. “Today’s Catholic church seems to reward authoritarian personalities who are clearly ill, violent, sexually obsessed and unable to remember the past.” – Matthew Fox

9. “I think that there’s a hidden darkness in all of us!” – Matthew Fox

10. “Having a studio tell you when to jump and how high eight months of the year for six years is not a relationship I want to get into again.” – Matthew Fox

11. “Creation is all space, all time – all things past, present, and future.” – Matthew Fox

12. “Do not confuse beauty with beautiful. Beautiful is a human judgment. Beauty is All. The difference is everything.” – Matthew Fox

13. “The system is not working. That is how a paradigm shift begins: the established way of seeing the world no longer functions.” – Matthew Fox

14. “Prayer is essentially about making the heart strong so that fear cannot penetrate there.” – Matthew Fox

15. “If you look closely at a tree you’ll notice its knots and dead branches, just like our bodies. What we learn is that beauty and imperfection go together wonderfully.” – Matthew Fox

16. “I played football for a huge portion of my life, all the way through college actually.” – Matthew Fox

17. “Beauty saves. Beauty heals. Beauty motivates. Beauty unites. Beauty returns us to our origins, and here lies the ultimate act of saving, of healing, of overcoming dualism.” – Matthew Fox

18. “Sustainability is another word for justice, for what is just is sustainable and what is unjust is not.” – Matthew Fox

19. “Soul is our appetite, driving us to eat from the banquet of life. People filled with the hunger of soul take food from every dish before them, whether it be sweet or bitter.” – Matthew Fox

20. “Our self-expression is meant to be a manifestation of the silence of our hearts.” – Matthew Fox

21. “What is of the most moment of compassion is not feelings of pity but feelings of togetherness.” – Matthew Fox

22. “I’m not saying I want a film career because I think I’m too good for television. I’m simply saying I want more control over my life.” – Matthew Fox

23. “I enjoy a four-seasonal climate and wide-open spaces, so being on an island 2,500 miles into the South Pacific made me feel a little claustrophobic.” – Matthew Fox

24. “I put a lot of pressure on myself and I think I am quite… well, intense about driving other people.” – Matthew Fox

25. “A job is something we do to get a paycheck and pay our bills. Jobs are legitimate, at times, but work is why we are here in the universe. Work and calling often go together.” – Matthew Fox

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