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Memorable Jeff Bezos Success Story

Memorable Jeff Bezos Success Story

Introduction: Today, we are sharing Jeff Bezos Success Story. Jeffrey Preston Bezos Born on January 12, 1964. Jeff is an American technology entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and the founder, chairman, and CEO of the world’s largest online retailer Amazon. He is also world’s richest men. He is not only a successful business tycoon but also Inspiration for millions around the globe.

As a kid, Jeff Bezos dreamt of going to other planers. Jeff never knew his biological father. Instead, he was raised by his mother and adoptive father, mike Bezos. They noticed early on that Jeff was uniquely curious about the world. Jeff famously took apart his crib with a screwdriver at 3 years old because he wanted a normal bed. Jeff was a self-described nerd in his school who was more interested in star trek than sports. After graduation from Princeton with a degree in engineering and computer science. Jeff climbed the ranks of a wall street hedge fund where he became a senior VP after just 2 years. One day, Jeff read that the internet had grown 2300% in just one year, and immediately decided he had to work with this new technology.

“In Business whats dangerous is not to evolve… what we need to do is always look into the future”

Jeff quit his lucrative job and borrowed money from family and friends… despite warning them that he only had a 30% chance of succeeding, his friends considered it as an investment in Jeff, not the business he was planning. He relocated to settle with his wife and began building in his garage. An avid reader, Jeff decided that selling books would give him the best chance for success. Publishers demanded minimum orders of 10 books from Jeff so in order to save money. Jeff Bezos often bought the 1 book he needed and ordered 9 more he knew to be out of stock.

“You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

Despite low expectations, Amazon began taking orders from all over the world in its first month. Within a few years, Amazon was the world’s biggest online bookstore but when the doc-com bubble burst, analysts predicted Amazon would be wiped out. Jeff had faith and doubled down, adding more products and services, including e-readers, video streaming, and cloud computing services. This required huge investments that made his board increasingly nervous, but Jeff Bezos gamble paid off… Amazon became the world’s largest internet company selling hundreds of billions of dollars of products every year.
Recently Jeff Bezos founded a spaceflight company called blue origin, with the goal of sending private citizens to space one day just like he dreamed about as a kid.

Jeff Bezos unyielding commitment to his ideas had made him a total of multiple industries as well as a multibillionaire and one of the richest men in modern history.

“If you decide that you’re going to do only the things you know are going to work, you’re going to leave alot of opportunity on the table.”

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