Powerful Hazrat Ali Quotes (RADI ALLAHOU ANHU)

Saying you want to achieve great success in life or want your glory days to return without taking ACTION is just mere word-of-mouth. Below we are sharing a collection of Powerful Hazrat Ali Quotes. We strongly believe these Powerful Hazrat Ali Sayings will give you strong and powerful messages and point that will help you achieve greatness & success in life.

Powerful Hazrat Ali Quotes

1. “More than the action itself, make arrangements for its acceptance because even a small deed that is performed with piety is a major thing, and how can the action which is accepted, be small?. ”

2. “(On the day of Eid, He رضی اللہ عنہ said:) Every day in which we do not disobey Allah Almighty is a day of Eid for us.”

3. “I remain very fearful of two things in regards to you: (1) Following desires and (2) Long hopes.”

4.“The one who thinks that he will enter Paradise without adopting righteous deeds, he is a victim of false hopes.”

5. “Spend and do not show off, and do not elevate yourself so that you are recognized and praised, rather, remain hidden and adopt silence; you will remain safe. ”

6. “A person’s height increases until the age of 22, whereas, his intellect increases until the age of 28. After this, he continues to gain experiences until his death.”

7. “The misfortune of sins causes laziness in worship and shortage in sustenance.”

Best Hazrat Ali Quotes

8. “A person deprives himself of Halal sustenance by displaying impatience, yet he does not gain more than what is destined for him.”

9. “The ‘hardship’ after which one will gain ‘Paradise’ is not a ‘hardship’, and the ‘comfort’ after which one will receive ‘Hell’ is not ‘comfort’.”

10. “The one who considers his own opinion to be sufficient is in peril.”

11. “When you become capable of taking revenge against your enemy, you should forgive him as an expression of gratitude.”

12. “Do not be from among those who only benefit from advice after they are greatly shamed.”

13. “The intellect is often defeated after witnessing the splendor of greed.”

14. “When a person’s intellect is perfected, his speech decreases.”

15. “The one who has the most knowledge from among the people is the one who fears Allah Almighty the most, performs the most worship, and gives the most advice for the sake of Allah Almighty.”


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