Powerful Jorge Masvidal Quotes 2022

The person that has patience has everything. Be patiently waiting for your success to come but do not; wait for opportunities to knock on your door always without creating some for yourself or stop moving persistently in the direction of your dreams. Below we are sharing a collection of Powerful Jorge Masvidal Quotes. We believe these Jorge Masvidal Quotes will motivate you to achieve your dream.

Powerful Jorge Masvidal Quotes 2022

“I’ve got a big buzz going on because I’m known and put people to sleep.” Jorge Masvidal

“I’m a real fighter.” Jorge Masvidal

“I love things that speak to my soul.” Jorge Masvidal

“I can box. I can hit hard. I’ve got different angles.” Jorge Masvidal

“I’ve never tapped in my whole entire career.” Jorge Masvidal

“I understand my role in this life, and my job is just to hurt people and get them out of there.” Jorge Masvidal

“A lot of times I went to sleep hungry, and not because I was cutting weight for a fight.” Jorge Masvidal

“My dad was always a motivation, even when he wasn’t there.” Jorge Masvidal

“I love what I do.” Jorge Masvidal

“I can’t stay stuck in the past.” Jorge Masvidal

“I’m the type of guy if you say something right now, whenever I see you, I’m going to hold you to that.” Jorge Masvidal

“I’ve been fighting in people’s backyards my whole life.” Jorge Masvidal

“The people who had faith in me had faith in me before the world had faith in me.” Jorge Masvidal

“My body of work speaks for itself.” Jorge Masvidal

“The bigger the fight, the better.” Jorge Masvidal

“It’s simple, I’m a fighter, but on top of that I have to entertain the people.” Jorge Masvidal

“Not that everybody needs to be Georges St Pierre, but it would be cool if everybody was just themselves.” Jorge Masvidal

“I got taught respect because if not, somebody’s gonna make you respect them.” Jorge Masvidal

“I move my head. I don’t get hit.” Jorge Masvidal

“I don’t go around making conversation, I just kind of stick to myself.” Jorge Masvidal

“I just like to fight, man. The place doesn’t really bother me.” Jorge Masvidal

“This is a sport of a lot of knowledge, of knowing yourself well, knowing your soul and your spirit, your abilities both physically and mentally.” Jorge Masvidal

“My mom would get up every day at 4 A.M. and worked two jobs. I always felt I was the poorest kid on the block. I had a chip on my shoulder about being broke.” Jorge Masvidal

“I do a very strict diet.” Jorge Masvidal

“I never think past any man, because every guy has two hands and every dude wants to hurt you.” Jorge Masvidal

“I just want to fight the best guys that there is in the world and make the most money out of it.” Jorge Masvidal

“Back in the day, you used to fight three or four fights in one night with no dodging nobody, and that’s what the sport got built on.” Jorge Masvidal

“Pay the price now and then enjoy the benefits of your labor later.” Jorge Masvidal

“That’s the biggest act of cowardice, faking injuries.” Jorge Masvidal

“A guy like Anderson Silva is one of the greatest champions we’ve had.” Jorge Masvidal

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