Powerful Mark Wahlberg Quotes

Whenever you decide you want to live a meaningful and satisfying life. You must also decide and be ready to pay the price of success. Below we are sharing Powerful Mark Wahlberg Quotes. We believe these Mark Wahlberg Quotes will inspire and motivate you to achieve greatness in life.

Powerful Mark Wahlberg Quotes

1. “I’ve always wanted to do right in life. But the wanting and the doing aren’t quite the same thing.” Mark Wahlberg

2. “I have more money now than I know what to do with.” Mark Wahlberg

3. “I don’t want to let my guard down and feel too comfortable.” Mark Wahlberg

4. “If you become complacent, you start feeling entitled.” Mark Wahlberg

5. “I was certainly on the darker side at one point.” Mark Wahlberg

6. “I never lie. I believe everything I say, so it’s not a lie.” Mark Wahlberg

7. “You got to have faith. Look at all the junk and see the treasure.” Mark Wahlberg

8. “I can always see something of myself in the characters I play.” Mark Wahlberg

9. “I like to do projects I feel some connection to.” Mark Wahlberg

10. “You know you have two choices in life, basically, to succeed or to fail.” Mark Wahlberg

Top Mark Wahlberg Quotes

11. “Having girls has made me a much better man.” Mark Wahlberg

12. “I got a pretty good life, and I’m very fortunate, and I have my blessings.” Mark Wahlberg

13. “It’s all about love and how we are all connected.” Mark Wahlberg

14. “I’m always friendly and encouraging on set. I want people to be at their best creatively.” Mark Wahlberg

15. “I’ve always wanted to be in the health and wellness business. I try to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle.” Mark Wahlberg

16. “I’m ready to dig ditches if I have to.” Mark Wahlberg

17. “If I can start my day out by saying my prayers and getting myself focused then I know I’m doing the right thing. That 10 minutes helps me in every way throughout the day.” Mark Wahlberg

18. “There’s nothing better than meeting somebody with a great soul, and a great spirit and a good heart.” Mark Wahlberg

19. “There’s nothing like seeing the smile on my kid’s faces. Laughing together, playing, it’s the best.” Mark Wahlberg

20. “The hardest thing about changing yourself is changing how other people see you.” Mark Wahlberg

21. “If I succeed in business but fail as a father, then I’ve failed.” Mark Wahlberg

22. “I have a lot of real-life experience with hustling.” Mark Wahlberg

23. “I also like to get out there to promote a positive message about the importance of family and faith and of doing the right thing.” Mark Wahlberg

24. “For me, family always comes first; I would do anything to protect them.” Mark Wahlberg

25. “The environment I was raised in, you had to hustle to survive.” Mark Wahlberg

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