Powerful Sean Kingston Quotes 2022

The first thing to do in reaching a destination is to take a step forward; the first process in accomplishing a dream is to take action. Nothing can be achieved without action. Below we are sharing a collection of Powerful Sean Kingston Quotes. We believe these quotes by Sean Kingston will inspire you to achieve greatness in life.

Powerful Sean Kingston Quotes 2022

1. “I breathe, I sleep, I eat music. Music is what I wanted to do.” – Sean Kingston

2. “It’s easy to gain weight when you’re in the studio.” – Sean Kingston

3. “I love songwriting, so I’m always happy to write for other musicians.” – Sean Kingston

4. “I don’t think an artist should keep themselves categorized in a specific box.” – Sean Kingston

5. “I make sure I always surround myself with good, down to earth, fun, real people, who always keep me grounded.” – Sean Kingston

Top Sean Kingston Quotes

6. “I really don’t care about people’s personal life like that, I don’t get too deep like that.” – Sean Kingston

7. “To put it in my music, that’s not the message I am trying to send out. That’s not the type of artist I am trying to be.” – Sean Kingston

8. “I think music sets you free, as soon as you hear a song you love it takes you away from your problems.” – Sean Kingston

9. “My goal is just to get healthy as far as what my ideal weight has to be for my height.” – Sean Kingston

10. “I think the country has the biggest melodies ever.” – Sean Kingston

Top Sean Kingston Quotes

11. “God is great.” – Sean Kingston

12. “It means a lot for me as music is my everything. I’ve always loved hearing myself on the radio…Like going to my mom’s house and seeing my face on magazine covers.” – Sean Kingston

13. “I was a big fan of Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. OutKast. Bob Marley of course. I’m Jamaican so I have a lot of Bob Marley throughout the house.” – Sean Kingston

Top Sean Kingston Quotes

14. “Jamaica is kind of similar to Miami, but to go from there to Miami, and then Miami to L.A., it’s crazy.” – Sean Kingston

15. “With everything that is going on with hip-hop and with what everybody is doing I don’t want to be in that lane. I think my lane is very different.” – Sean Kingston

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