10 Time Management Strategies For Entrepreneurs

Managing your time in today’s colorful era seems to be the most difficult task in the world. This is not only your problem but also 90 percent of the people living in this world. Because this world is covered by mobile social media like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, YouTube, and the Internet in such a way that we have to spend our time on these things.  All these are insects that are no less than a harmful health diseases. Apart from these, there are many other things that make us lazy, due to which time slips out of our hands like sand.

But you don’t need to worry at all because today you get to know the techniques and experiences that big analysts have told this world after many years of hard work. And you will be quite surprised to know that the big companies and developed countries of this world are managing their time by following these ten techniques.

10 Time Management Strategies For Entrepreneurs


Time Management Strategy#01: Set a Goal

Thus, you will waste a lot of time if you focus only on the routes instead of the destination. Your time will not be set until you have a goal. So first of all you should set your goal. Remember don’t set a goal so big that you can never achieve it, it’s better to break your goal down into sub-goals. Now take a diary and write down your big goal and its sub-goals in it.

Complete all the sub-goals one by one and mark a tick in front of the goal that is fulfilled.  Start practicing this little trick, and you will see how your work will become faster and you will be surprised that it will be done in a very short time. This will help you a lot to focus on the work and also avoid things that cause distraction. As a famous scholar, Nakala said if you want to write your own destiny, first learn to write your goal.

Strategy#02: Create Deadlines

Deadlines are the key step after making the goal. In this, you have to create a separate deadline for each sub-goal. You not only have to make a deadline but also complete the work on that deadline. This can be a daily, weekly, or monthly plan that outlines your tasks and deadlines. Finishing your work before your deadline is called true time management. Following, these time managing tips will allow you to achieve a great victory.

Strategy#04: Track Your Time

Tracking the time is also important because it tells you where you are wasting your valuable time. You don’t have to use a digital time tracker to keep track of your time. Using pen and paper to track the daily hours of your time helps you to manage the work routine. This is a simple way of the time track.

Strategy#05: 4 Power Hours

This is the formula of great social media influencer Hisham Sarwar. If you cannot fulfill your deadlines then apply this formula. According to Hisham Sarwar, if you use this formula, you will only have to work for four hours a day. By working only 4 hours you can get the result of 15 hours of work. But in these four hours, you have to work in such a way that you don’t have any connection with the world.

Turn off your mobile phone to anything that is distracting you in the slightest way. There is no doubt that these four hours will tire you out, but your results will be tremendous.

Strategy#06: Prioritize the Goals

Not all sub-goals are created to be equal, and it’s important to prioritize them based on their level of importance and urgency. Make a list of your tasks and prioritize them using the Eisenhower Matrix, which categorizes tasks as urgent and important, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, or not important or urgent.

Strategy#07: Learn the ability to Say “No”

Keep within yourself the ability to say no to work. By the way, it is very difficult to say no to your work, but if you think that your work is unnecessary and you lack time, then you can give this task to someone else. But even in this, you have to be very careful about whether the person to whom you are giving your work is qualified or not.

Strategy#08: Avoid Multitasking

Save you from multitasking is the real-time managing tip. There are many people in this world who think that we can do different things together. Multitasking not only makes you tired but also consumes a lot of your time. Different research and case studies on human psychology have not shown multitasking to be a successful method for work.


Strategy#09: Take Breaks

There is no doubt that you are only human and humans also need breaks during work. But there is a way to take breaks, be careful not to take a break that makes you slow down. Divide your work in such a way that you feel the need to take a break. That is, work more and take fewer breaks.

Strategy#10: Review Your Routine

The time management process is not for one time. You have to keep reviewing your work to see if you have strayed from your path. You have to see the results of your work and accordingly have to bring changes in the plans. By reviewing your work, you can detect the things that are unnecessary and take too much of your time.


Bonus Tip: Focus on Your Sleeping Routine

Design your work in such a way that you don’t lose any sleep. Keep only night time for sleeping and then sleep well. You should sleep for eight hours at the most, sleeping more than that will not only make you feel sluggish but also disrupt your work routine.

Getting sleep is very important and time-consuming for humans, so you have to think carefully about it because this is the only thing that can make or break your time management plan.

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