Top 20 Robin Sharma Quotes

Robin Sharma Born on March 18, 1965. He is Author, personal development expert, leadership speaker, Motivational Speaker. Robin Sharma is Author of over 15 Personal Development books. His Top Selling book is “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. sold more than 6 million copies in over 60 countries. Here is our collection of Top 20 Robin Sharma Quotes. Arnold Schwarzenegger Picture QuotesPaulo Coelho Quotes From The Alchemist

Top 20 Robin Sharma Quotes:

“To double your net worth, double your self-worth. Because you will never exceed the height of your self-image.” – Robin Sharma

“The secret of passion is purpose.” – Robin Sharma

“Life is short. Be of use.” – Robin Sharma

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” – Robin Sharma

“Your daily behavior reveals your deepest beliefs.” – Robin Sharma

Be so good at what you do that no one else in the world can do what you do.” – Robin Sharma

“Small daily – seemingly insignificant – improvements and innovations lead to staggering achievements over time.” – Robin Sharma

“Passion + production = performance.” – Robin Sharma

“The fears you run from run to you.” – Robin Sharma

“Every master was once a beginner. Every pro was once an amateur.” – Robin Sharma

“Who you are becoming is more important than what you are accumulating.” – Robin Sharma

“Knowing what to do and not doing it is the same as not knowing what to do.” – Robin Sharma

“Understand the acute difference between the cost of something and the value of something.” – Robin Sharma

“An addiction to distraction is the end of your creative production.” – Robin Sharma

“To double your income, triple your investment in self-development.” – Robin Sharma

“Criticism is the price of ambition.” – Robin Sharma

“Focus is more valuable than IQ.” – Robin Sharma

“Your excuses are nothing more than the lies your fears have sold you.” – Robin Sharma

“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” – Robin Sharma

“Cut your excuses in half and double your action to make success.” – Robin Sharma

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Robin Sharma Quotes

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