Top Jason Momoa Quotes on Motivation

Jason Momoa was born on August 1st, 1979. Jason Momoa is a well-known American actor. With millions of fans and followers he is an inspiration for millions around the world. Below we are sharing a collection of Top Jason Momoa Quotes on Motivation. We believe these Top Jason Momoa Quotes will boost your motivation to the next level.

Top Jason Momoa Quotes on Motivation

1. “I don’t mind standing up for what I believe in.” Jason Momoa

2. “Whenever I wake up, I’m up. I don’t lie there like an idiot. I get up, run up a hill, get some exercise, and have some time with my thoughts.” Jason Momoa

3. “You paint something, and it’s yours. It’s your heart up on the wall.” Jason Momoa

4. “I was born in Hawaii, but I was raised in Iowa.” Jason Momoa

5. “Train hard, train hard, train hard.” Jason Momoa

6. “When I’m by myself, I’m really cool and nice to everyone, but then the whole paparazzi thing? If you see me with my kids, I change.” Jason Momoa

7. “I love carbs, but denial is good training for the mind.” Jason Momoa

8. “Morning is when I do all my best work.” Jason Momoa

9. “We don’t own a TV. My kids are always outdoors.” Jason Momoa

10. “I was raised by a strong single mother.” Jason Momoa

11. “Everything has a technique to it. So if there’s something you wanna try out, I think it’s always good to get a trainer or listen to people who know what they’re doing.” Jason Momoa

12. “I’m raised to actually think, to use my brain.” Jason Momoa

Motivational Jason Momoa Quotes

13. “I’m a strong alpha male but sensitive.” Jason Momoa

14. “I have my ups and my downs like anyone. All I can do is be me.” Jason Momoa

15. “If you’re too disciplined, it can mess up your mind. You need to have that treat for yourself.” Jason Momoa

16. “I love life and if there’s something that I’m playing that I love, I’ll research it.” Jason Momoa

17. “I get up at 5 A.M., and I train hard. I’ve got two young children, so I have to get up early. But I like it.” Jason Momoa

18. “I don’t think a lot of people are calling me to play doctors and lawyers, which is fine with me. I can put a suit on, but I don’t really like to.” Jason Momoa

19. “I’m one of those freaky people that actually reads books.” Jason Momoa

20. “I’m not a big fan of just doing weights. Anything more physical is infinitely better.” Jason Momoa

21. “I want to be remembered as, I hope, an amazing husband and a great father.” Jason Momoa

22. “I’m an early riser. I work out really hard. I push myself; I get my job done, and at the end of the day, there’s a Guinness waiting for me.” Jason Momoa

23. “There’s a lot of things I would definitely go to bat for in Hawaii. I’ve been all over that stuff. If someone told me to be quiet about that because of my profession, no. That’s my people.” Jason Momoa

24. “I think a man needs to be a man. To hold a woman the way she wants to be held. Just do whatever your woman wants, and you’ll be fine.” Jason Momoa

25. “I’ve led a career of having to take work to see my family, over picking and choosing, instead of ‘I need food on the table and I don’t know how I’m going to pay the mortgage.’” Jason Momoa

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