Top Trevor Noah Quotes on Motivation

People that refuse to let go of their past life in the past with its memories, depriving themselves of the happiness for now and greatness that awaits them in the future. Below we are sharing Top Trevor Noah Quotes on Motivation. We believe these Trevor Noah Quotes will motivate you to achieve success in life by facing each and every obstacle that you will face in your way of success.

Top Trevor Noah Quotes on Motivation

1. “Being chosen is the greatest gift you can give to another human being.” – Trevor Noah

2. “I don’t think I have thick skin, but I heal fast. It’s easy to break through, but I heal fast.” – Trevor Noah

3. “Often, people who can do, don’t because they’re afraid of what people that can’t do will say about them doing.” – Trevor Noah

4.“We spend so much time being afraid of failure, afraid of rejection. But regret is the thing we should fear most.” – Trevor Noah

5. “Growing up in a home of abuse, you struggle with the notion that you can love a person you hate or hate a person you love. It’s a strange feeling.” – Trevor Noah

6. “Love, unfortunately, sometimes gives you the ability to forgive somebody and blind yourself to the truth.” – Trevor Noah

7. “If you laugh with somebody, then you share something.” – Trevor Noah

8. “That awkward moment when you are sitting next to people who gossip too much that you are even scared of leaving them cause you know that you are next.” – Trevor Noah

9. “The first thing I learned about having money was that it gives you choices. People don’t want to be rich. They want to be able to choose. The richer you are, the more choices you have. That is the freedom of money.” – Trevor Noah

10. “We live in a world where we don’t see the ramifications of what we do to others because we don’t live with them.” – Trevor Noah

11. “I’m not an abrasive person. I do speak my mind, but my goal is never to offend. I don’t intentionally want to strike a chord.” – Trevor Noah

12. “I always believe that funny is serious and serious is funny. You don’t really need a distinction between them.” – Trevor Noah

13. “If this comedy thing doesn’t work out, I’ve always got poverty to fall back on.” – Trevor Noah

14. “Progression, in my opinion, is often identifying shortcomings – whether its views or the things you’re doing in your life, your relationships – and trying to find the places where you improve on those.” – Trevor Noah

15. “You have to work a bit harder to offend me because I’m from the home of some of the best racism in the world. I’m a snob when it comes to racism.” – Trevor Noah

16. “Comedy is a great tool. We are trying to find ways to use humor to enlighten people without preaching to them.” – Trevor Noah

17. “You want to live in a world where someone is good or bad. Where you either hate them or love them. But that’s not how people are.” – Trevor Noah

18. “Don’t cry about your past. Life is full of pain. Let the pain sharpen you, but don’t hold on to it. Don’t be bitter.” – Trevor Noah

19. “Language, even more than color, defines who you are to people.” – Trevor Noah

20. “Most of my show is true; like, 90% of everything I say on stage is true. I just have to find the way to make it funny – that’s the difficult thing.” – Trevor Noah

21. “The first purpose of comedy is to make people laugh. Anything deeper is a bonus. Some comedians want to make people laugh and make them think about socially relevant issues, but comedy, by the very nature of the word, is to make people laugh. If people aren’t laughing, it’s not a comedy. It’s as simple as that.” – Trevor Noah

22. “Africa’s not a color – it’s a place.” – Trevor Noah

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