You Are The Author of Your Life

Start pursuing your dreams immediately without delay. How you start doesn’t really matter but what matters is what you are able to achieve at the end. You are born for a purpose You Are The Author of Your Life. You Have GREATNESS within You. you are awesome.

You Are The Author of Your Life:

Don’t let your past failure stop you from taking up something new. Many people have allowed their past failure to hinder them from moving forward in life. They have given up on themselves just because they have failed in their endeavor.

Resolve to progress and achieve success in life regardless of how many times you’ve failed in your business, education, and relationship. Know that failure isn’t the most unfortunate thing to befall someone in life but the decision to accept defeat and give up totally. Failure shows us how to achieve success in a surprising way that we couldn’t achieve it the previous times. A failure isn’t someone that has failed in something but the person that is unable to see success in his or her failure.

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. Start now and Never, Never, Never Give Up.”

Be informed that many successful people you admire today failed countless times before achieving success. Determine to fail your way to success. Failing does not make you a failure, what confirms you a downright failure is your inability to make use of your experience to achieve success. Get up and forget about how many times you’ve failed in life. Begin to use the lessons you’ve learned to achieve greatly. Inspirational Big Sean Quotes on Success

You Are The Author of Your Life

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